But none of dem don’t look better than the other. If Rushelly don’t watch it ….she too will soon start look like a fat man. Plus she mek post talking about she’s grown with kids. ….. yet the video went up yesterday with her daughter walking right by while she cussing. Social media love dem yu see.




  1. Excuse me miss plunkett you said you not into entertaining little girl and you’re a grown woman….but you addressed her and on top of that you made a collage of both of you pics and put up bout comparison….so you already lose

  2. Where is the competition? Is it a Halloween costume contest? Two a unnu a win caa mi nuh si nuh difference in a none a Di pic dem an since nobody else nuh show up it only fair unnu share first prize which is a bulla by the way.

  3. Rushelly …. less is more. You look better when you do less. Less makeup….less accessories…..less fandangles …. less fancy hair . When you have on regular clothes and a nice regular one color hair-do …..u don’t look bad.

  4. Jamaica….. The land where grown azz adults act like teenagers.. Isn’t this type of shyt soooooooooo high schoolish? Like WTF both of unnu look terrible. One is obese and the other is a mampie. Next dance unnu go to make sure you buy a crate of slim fast as oppose to a crate of any beer.

  5. I see two plus sized women stuffing demself inna smaller sized clothing. Both look very tacky and unappealing. Things and times have changed, there are quite a few plus size stores that carry very trendy and fashionable styles. Not one shoulda call di other cow cause di two ah dem ah graze inna di same pasture…:travel

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