So Annibelleza she run go breed fi har one time best friend ex man. Jahleel weh a look woman a road like dog. She gwan like har life happy when she sad like funeral. Jody shuda mob yuh backside a road. Donesha she a Di next one. Run go breed fi Waldy weh have so much baby madda. Unu nu see seh him deven did deh a di shower. Can’t stand these bitches. Unu life sad and unu love gwan like unu happy.


  1. Wow really…that is why she and Jodybritish stopped talking? I was wondering what happened to there friendship

  2. Was wondering how dem never send it innn long time lol! anyone else notice she and taniaa nuh so tight again what happen to she? and i heard shane local a get real local. she really take har bestie ex? thats a no no as a fren, thats girl code ANNIE!

    1. Yes she did it was stink in hwt, and Donneisha swore she got a gold medal fi breeding fi that man. I pray your ending won’t be dramatic as the rest because he is very contolling and manipulating. It pain mi heart how such a beautiful trying young lady as you never choose fi start life with a decent man. Your life still, safe delivery to you both.

      Annabells please stop watch the man cah you can’t stop karma

      1. But Annibelleza nu look good wid her no neck, crimson chin, chaka teeth and her batty up ina her back. Doneisha, sure but the next baby mother ugly nu hell.

        Just pray she and the man offspring come out decent cuz dat de gene pool anu ntn fi wan swim ina. Hope they both hv a safe delivery tho

  3. I cant stand ugly anna, that can’t function without makeup. She’s so low to take her x-friend man and breed. jody strong still, she held her own. Them life sad fi tru caus taania deh wid her BATTY MAN and her bestie anna Deh wid her “BEST FRIEND” man and love behave like them HAPPY. them business STINK inna BADMIND SHERICKA HAIRDRESSING SHOP. SHER fren them and find out them business and chat them behind them back. SHERIKA is insecure and bad mind, with her shape bad self.she is the next one that behave like she is happy and affi a mine her husband that’s way younger than her, I CANT STAND THAT CRAZY GLUE BATTY BITCH, with her poor customer service.

    1. U kno di whole a dem name weh u jus call, ppl style dem and laugh after dem more while, cause it deh a road seh dem deh wid batty man and dem haffi a mine dem man!

      Dem need fi big up demself! Anything fi hav a man! Smh!

  4. Yes, mi nuh rate Annabeliza fi dat, all Vanessa Bling do song a dun har fi it, tek the man good good, safe delivery cuz karma is a bitch.

  5. Bwoy unuh tan bad sah!! If mi deh wid a man and breed a such. Cause all these men are dogs. But when unuh feel like say “breeding fi Waldy is a gold medal” when she could be viewing the gift of “giving birth a gold medal”?! Unuh fi quit man n Lowe people sometimes.

  6. You know I saw Doniesha posting her shower and I realize there was no sign of the father but mi nah lie she has that pregnancy glow plus she ambitious, ppl did dun know waldy nah change. As fi ugly shape like metal Annabeliza wait fi your karma! Nuh matter what she shouldn’t go deh wid yuh former fren man, but nuh matter wah yuh stay getting bun lol

  7. Anna nu ramp fi watch har man, me go in there go buy wen him did a sell clothes in her shop n i asked to try on the outfit round the back and him come round there n is she that behind him lol smh. Donesha did think she was going to get special treatment? She pregnant and in a Christmas is waldy that all over the place with whoring javana. Fi bad man him love the loose gal them

  8. Why y’all acting like Doneisha a goodas tho? She was running road like every other gyal that was tryna find a money man so she knew exactly what she was getting in to. Waldy will never change many have tried and failed so Doneisha needs to just accept d facts and make d best of it.

  9. Yes is true! Anne is a dirty girl! Jody a better girl fi her! Retribution going tek her u see! She think she can watch the man and her money can hold him? Uno realize say a she first buy him a ring for him bday and then him propose to her for hers right after??? Sad like!

  10. Doniesha a road gal. She walk an f*#k pon Waldy too. She was with the man geego from jungle weh live a Cherry Gardens now. A she seh bun fi bun.

  11. DoneishA is very happy and glowing asf. Yuh know her baby daddy doesn’t like video light. Have u soar ass bitches seen a pic him? No! While uno busy a pree out har life style she busy making that money! Some a uno broke fi the new year and she a fly out and do har ting. Uno need fi take a page out a har book. Some a uno wish uno was her. Big up urself damn self Doneisha you the f@#king Boss.

    1. Waldy Doneisha? Cause mi hear seh she get few beating well wid di belly so maybe di lick dem shine up har skin..whey u tink :nerd

  12. Doneisha u glowing mama. Some of u soar ass bitches be hating and the woman better off than uno. Nuff a uno wish uno cud achieve what she has now. She’s happy asf I can tell you. Uno can gwan worry bout why her baby daddy not @ her shower. With all those camera phone out and thing we no he won’t be present. Have u ever seen a PiC of him? NO! But guess what her baby nah guh dead fi hungry like some a uno own. Uno not even know uno damn baby daddy. At least she knows her. Some a uno fi guh send her a resume with uno wukless self instead a f**k down the place. Mi done talk yah. Have a safe delivery mami. You the Boss Lady! Loud

  13. So tell me something @ Doneisha cheerleader, she rather have a spotlight than her baby daddy at her shower? She could have asked persons to respect her privacy. Especially if it’s close friends and relative. She may be glowing because she is happy to become a Mother….but her life is not nice. Money don’t make you happy. Waldy is a Scum..insecure and will not marry her..as he is already married. Been married for years.
    Yessss Met, Waldy Doneisha been f%^#ing on him. Nobody likes to be ignored and disrespected.
    He beat her because she asked/confronted him about a female.
    She may be a boss for her business/store….but not a boss chick, they don’t settle for shit, or take beatings from men. Which person in their right mind would want a MURDERER for a man/baby daddy? That’s automatic bad blessings.
    Big Up You Self Met!!!!!!!!

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