25 thoughts on “SHE SEH SHE A TEK SHARON MAN

  1. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others….

    For a phone weh de side phuck’ns suda been get yuh nd more, Claude a use you anuh you a use him.

  2. Bout shi a tek Sharon a New lots man
    Tani fi guh Tek herself to the nearest dentist and get some betta dentures whea new drop out or walk wid some polygrip,all dem ting yah out order nuh bc gal whea afi Tek out dem chinaware and put it in a cup a night time fi soak a come get bright bout Tek people man

  3. I’m I the only one who thinks that certain things become old after a time ? After u pass 27yrs old certain things don’t look good and this is one of them … ‍♂️

  4. I’m more interested in who Sharon is. Calling all married Sharon’s from nee lotts eith a husband name Claud.

  5. After u pass 25 di tekking of ppl man an a loud up and gwaan done still! I I mek u look sad fi a get up inna age and a still dem kind a life deh u a live!

  6. Now u want tell me that Sharon don’t have all rights fi bruck a shandy bottle pon this ole zutupek’s phone? ?

  7. Sender you too bad, this video is at least 3 years old in Albany Manor. OMG just because you all like mix up you stir up any old thing. Tanni is now a married woman with her good good HUSBAND

  8. I don’t know if Sharon ah idiot But di old woman ready fi har, I don’t like to c dese type of things because Claude did all of this he opened up doors for di old woman to come up in lives and disrespect his lady u can tell dat mf is ah loser!

  9. I guess it make her feel better that she’s a side chuck. I wonder if Claude is that bold as to own her up too. Peach jaw drop from the statement.

  10. Mi wish di video did longer :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak dah lady deh Nuh easy dwl…. she stay een she duh liveen work lol. Whoooiii

  11. lmao, she say Sharon do live in work. how she press bout Sharon and Sharon look like she a get har beauty sleep and this old hog deh a dance a call up har name?

  12. Bitch go and fix yuh teeth dem inna yuh mouth and maybe u will find yourself a husband of ur own, right now you r too old to be taking and playing side chick with people man.#urpussynuhgood

  13. It bad when di nasty dutty man dem ah fling dem hood ah road…but it wussa bad when dem commit beastility. Dis undocumented species need tuh be caged cause she just way too proud fi announce seh she ah cooling hole…:travel

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