No we affi talk bout this groupie look how them did try done this girl and see right now the girl thing up nuh badmind couldn’t stop her mi watch out the gal FB and nah like mi rate her, prime example of dont let bad mind people stop you wish she did live a Jamaica would a like fi meet her. Them did dash out all her business same place yahso she even get hotter a NY than when she did live a Ja go DA goodie.

16 thoughts on “A CASE OF BADMINE

  1. Listen sender if you have something good to say about me please to inbox me on FB or IG please dont go on PINKWALL!


    I try to stay as LowKey as I can so no disrespect inbox or keep it to yourself base off what you see on my FB page smh!

    People just love start mix up a swear smh! KMT!

  2. Girl u believe in your God that’s y you still shine no matter how they try to bring u down go a head a do your thing I’m on your FB page and I’m proud of your growth proud of how u live on your own and don’t have to cotch wid no one so they can take liberty with u I hope u learn and don’t bring no one to stay at your place again…

  3. Kmt not a bad mine me see this girl post how them fi stop send in r picture pon pinkwall about 9am she write that but the story just come out now so how she know she was going to appeare here if a no she send it in, bye attention seeker

  4. You pad looks dope momma. Middle finger to your haters and keep shining… Broke niggas always hate but taking notes though.

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