What away shamiele ex fren sky frm up a New York over snap ah dash out sey someone who recently stay at har yard use up har debit card behind her back and she soon dash out the files, we here patiently waiting for the dash out bcuz I hope this young lady don’t left Jamaica come up here come embarrass herself so….. The girl snap is skii.b


  1. lawd Shamiele it dont look good at all, please re arrange your life cause teifing to maintain hype life nah wear. Stop teif fi wear colthes & shoes my girl u low minded bad bad. With friends like unuh who needs enemy’s. Thank goodness i dont frighten fi IG or hype life. Gal like unuh wi sell out unuh own mumma fi a dollar, unuh wi sell out unuh friends fi a like pon IG, unuh wi kill fi get a change fi buy a shoes or dress!!! sick stomach bad

  2. Can’t understand people who harbour known thieves a dem yard then bawl fi larceny. A mus set up dis tuh Ras

  3. If it’s Marlene aka Sky then maybe Shamiele performed “extra services” that weren’t listed in the “accommodation contract” suh she use di debit card to cover her unpaid balance or to compensate herself for “services rendered”. Dwllll. A joke mi a mekkkk ooooo. Mi jus a chat yah …. But on a serious note stealing is a crime punishable by law. Shamiele please to dip your sticky fingers in some powder and see if that will make them less sticky.

  4. Funny since Shamielle gone a foreign all you can hear her name a call pon a thiefing! Thiefing a Jamaica before she go up and thiefing since she up deh!

  5. OFF TOPIC!!
    Smaddy please to tell Krystal fi stop be so desperate for man kmt gal deh pon IG a write one long eva epistle how she love MIND BODY & SOUL beenieman and all we looking still cant spot no ring pon her finger nor any marriage certificate, one would think u save those words for your wedding vows; smh she is still young acting as if beenie is her last chance, very desperate. Gal do better than dat, all now i dont hear beenieman say nothing bout she, its obvious she is more into him than he into her, she fi stop dweet, run dung community cocky nah wear!!!

  6. The name shameless really fit har. What a gal worthless! And I can’t believe people still promoting her party.
    Shameless u need to change your ways before dem cut off u finger dem. U cya wicked so just to be ina spotlight.
    I always wonder if the kaytura or whatever girl give her the clothes to model of for free or maybe she robbed somebody else just to buy those nice dress.

    Shameless you are a classless lowlife

  7. Stop hating on the girl Beenie put up the same picture 1st and wrote “unstoppable ” as his caption and hours later she put up the same with a longer caption Lowe dem guess yah one ah di community members taking the community cocky

  8. Come to think of it mi feel like is she doing all of this for attention and more followers plus her party is coming up. Something just not adding up. Where is she in all of this??? All now she nah clear up her name or ntn. I think this is all just a stunt kmt.

  9. I believe shamiele is a thief
    But I also don’t believe skye
    Skye u woulda kill alieexpresss is over Dere
    Ur money start n finish! $6.00 dominos ?
    $118.00 amiclubwear & $67.00 aliexpress all done between
    02/04-02/06 and u been run shamiele out u yard from when !
    I don’t believe you skye u just wanted to show
    The account balance u sick stomach my girl

  10. Shamiele a big thief long time f**ka u Skye dat u figet.. Nobody wah Shamiele a dem yard cause dem cah leave nothing out when shes around she wi write down u debit or credit card number dem.. Such a pretty girl and she not even own a bed a jamaica.. she a walk n kotch from house to house.. Where is her parents omg tired fi talk to har

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