60 thoughts on “A CONCERNED FRIEND

  1. Well if you friend a watch fi see wah gwaan wid him I’d suggest she move on wi her life. And go find herself a man fi occupy her time, m would a suggest the same fi u too!

  2. di sender shuda send in jilly and kehdesha, two a dem tan bad, jilly fava matches stick and kehdesha fava a pep up box. how unu fi live a kirk an know each other and kehdesha tek jilly baby fada like dat? how? kedhesha weh u baby daddy deh? but jilly get the best revenge cuz she downlow a tek deportee Robert from England, him look good and him money tall. oh wait, him nuh married?


    1. BRE BRE u too bad, har face nice she just bony bad and from wah day yah get hype and nuh know har place, mi nuh know if a tru Robert a know har or if a tru she a par wid Paula and trina dem

  4. KMT sender go look a life all is fair in love and war fare. If the man want to leave your friend and move on he can do so. Mind ur own business.

  5. Kedesha stay good from f**g birth only thing wrong with har is har belly big but she pretty bad and know how to fix har self.,har money Tall so she can go do all the plastic surgery that she want to do…so unuh f**k off and leave har alone and go such unuh mother low life mother f**s

  6. Stop call up mi friend name she have har nice clean baby father she don’t want flo..stop style up mi friend because nuff a unuh can’t walk Ina har shoes…kedesha u a real gal boy is a thing when dirty people have dem stinking Mouth pon yuh name

  7. Leave the people them bout are pretty girls one is just fat an the other is slim I don’t see a thing with jilly is the man to be blame he’s the crosses in this and we all are woman don’t need to be critizing each other.

  8. Jilly is a pretty girl and will find a better man than he was to her we all been in rough relationship that didn’t work out keep looking fab girl

  9. Jilly don’t need a f**g thing d gal look she rock har f**g cloths Dem an har face beat sweet a keddy more need fi chaw dung jilly an har man dem to an d gal Bredda money tall suh uno Gweh an f**k off y’all have nth to say about d girl so uno find all kinds of shit talking team jilly mi seh an har sexy deportee

  10. Keddy not worth it are money tall an she stay bad suh keddy foot lock wen yu put glue pon shoe patex with Krazy glue used to an she favor dawg mi nuh like har face an har body a rass har money need to help har money a bawl fi she fi guh spend on har body an do a Lipo while she had it an a face lift coz har face screw an ugly

  11. Dunkirk nasty dirty people come off my friend f***g name and go look a life unuh stink on dirty like unuh is set a vampire Weh waan such kedesha pussy when she a see har blood…which part a jilly look good jilly like mi dog weh a suffer from malnutrition…jilly need some food bad mi waan send har go food fi the poor bout money tall and she always look so cheap dwl y’all bitches kill me..Dunkirk nasty people go clean out unuh dirty house weh fly a take up and come off mi friend name are go look a hood suck r a pussy

  12. Wah kinda money keddy fi have wen she live offa har mada pussy.. A suh she love gwaan like she a goodas an nuh stop hide an f**k.. All flo him have a big heart cause unda keddy full a bare lump an buss.. Keddy stay real badddddddd..

  13. Keddy have money and still live a Kirk????a how uno do dat, have money and a drive the likkle bloodclatt pink car, is har f**k out mumma mine r, and r fada ,keddy need fi born ova cause no plastic surgery caah help she

  14. All keddy an har mumma kno fi do a walk an tell lie bout tings wey dem nave.. From di mumma a f**k all these years she caah buy a house?? .. Bout have money kmt… Keddy yuh need fi guh gi yuh likkle daughter yuh car fi drive yuh too big fi it.. Yuh need fi guh drive a trailor.. Yuh big an stay bloodclawt badd….

  15. Kedy f**k out from longtime, she and di all a r stay bad frenz especially di f**k out twin all dem knw fi do a gwan like dem a smaddy, every bloodclatt ting she wear u see the waist trainer a print out unda it, if a me like r mi sell di car and go do mi body.

  16. All uno wey sey uno a keddy friend.. Uno a wicked cause keddy nuh look good not even fi a second…. But keddy nuh have har family?? Why she waan flo thou?? If a me like jilly mi guh tell har babyfada wah gwaan..

  17. Woooiiieeee tpc no sah a yah suh nice, how me juss a see this???? Flo really have a bbc heart of a rassclat lion cause really and truly when me see keddy a party all she and har fren dem do I chump up dem two bill and five bills a party dwllll and dah waist trainer deh a kill me! Dont even mention bout dah ugly twin deh from she a go DQ fi har pussy a click and a cause corruption,a nasty gyal from dem time deh,not to mention har stay bad fren dem weh fool nuh f**k!! Keddy bruk nuh bloodclat and ntn bout har! Har muma is a next one cause she nuh know when fi har pussy expire enuh. Lawd God met why unno affi mek me see this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But when unno talk bout money tall talk bout Jilly breda and har nice clean man Robert. But no sah the porridge body part inna the caption a kill me dwl, slappy body!!!!
    All me know sumbody really need fi tell har babyfada this….but ntn bout keedy and har f*k out stay bad fren dem, because unno cyah hot and live inna rent house and swing from yard to yard, unno sad! But wait deh mi never know say Winnie so call Goodas never own nuh house, bbc a sign dis to rassss! Dem cyah bloodclat tame!

  18. Unuh sad like what a way unuh a lick out kedesha pussy that unuh can know how underneath r stay..so what if she and are mother a f**k that what God give dem pussy fi do..all unuh a watch people life if she a little car weh that fi do with unuh at least she have a car and a roof over r head and nah beg some a unuh sinking pussy gal nothing.,unuh sad nuh f**k

  19. Nasty jilly u and yuh dirty such hood fren dem can go drink bleach yall disturb bad lol..what away kedesha a mad yuh the fat gal a beat yuh bad..I hope when kedesha a drive past y’all walk foot she splash up yall pussy hole

  20. At least she have a f***g mother that stand by har side a mother doesn’t love her unconditionally some unuh mother run leave unuh from unuh born…stop call up the big woman name Ina this and them nuh need to declare nothing that them have to unuh nasty people..unuh sound bitter doh

  21. Such yuh fi go kill yuh self because u say everything that’s wrong with kedesha but yet still she gone with yuh man if a me like u mi go sleep and don’t wake up..I’m just saying

  22. jilly yuh mother stop sell peanut cake yet u a talk bout brother have money talk bout weh u have y’all people sound on educated nuh f**k

  23. Jilly a good gyal.. No house the dutty f**k out big woman nuh own.. All man dead pon har woieeeee.. Dah big woman deh a suck hood from inna di 80s.. Keddy an har f**k an suck out mumma nave nuttin…. All di ugly twin she, a f**k a fi har middle name.. She bad like aids.. Like these bitches need to quit.. Keddy fava 1 big handicap… Wid har belly wey a shelter har pussy..

  24. No sah dah person deh weh a talk is a friend of keddy, smh yuh own a friend dem a done yuh! Juss by reading these comments I can tell! But fah real Keddy stay bad!

  25. Only ting Winnie own is r ole gray pussy weh di policeman nuh stop nyam out,dem don’t own nothing, all di likkle car weh she have a loan she go barrow and tek it out mi hear, me wuldan Neva go barrow money fi tek out dat ,dutty flo nave nuh ambition him big and frowns like all him knw fi do a walk behind battyman JASON DEM

  26. Wat in di dark mus come to light.. Keddy yuh love chat ppl, yuh neva kno sey smaddy kno your bizniz too. A f**ka yuh.. Wicked badmind keddy… If a me like you mi guh hide cause dis a shame an disgrace.. Yuh act like yuh naw f**k pon yuh babyfada but you a do it.. It look like yuh tie him cause all now mi nuh see wah him see pon yuh.. All yuh kno fi do a try hype pon ppl a dunkirk.. An to di way how you boasy yuh nuh fi live yah suh.. Dats why di gyal outta bull bay did beat out yuh bloodclawt..

  27. Jilly a betta bloodclatt gal fi dutty keddi, a longtime she a hide and a f** flo fi true, me hear sey all Jermaine flava and Marvin weh dead use yo f**k r, dat fat stinking gal a longtime dogshit, suh di mada suh di daughter.

  28. Always a wonder what jilly doing with dead beat Flo weh just guh dance an frownsy mi hear bout har new man weh lick him fi six heh heh an him keddy in a room together must stink coz dem fat an nah nuh smell.

  29. A one time mi ever chat to jilly an she nice compare to how ppl dem she like gwaan an mi spirit tek har bad mi nah lie but mi and keddy always a talk an mi know fi fact seh she hype and luv gwaan pon ppl fi nth a f**k gracey dem can used an hangle har. But mi nah guh lie to how dem a talk bout d deportee mi ask bout him an dem him loaded see deh one gone one born dutty Flo diss yu and yu find a way Bette man gal yu good Mek it bite him now an leave him to keddy weh nuh worth it Kmft them a secret whore eno an love chat other gal

  30. True anybody that write this comment seh jilly nice an she have good ways towards ppl an mi like har hope d depoertee check fi har thou coz dem seh him nuh want a soul eno just f**k an guh true him deh pon

  31. Bout Flo an him car stink him need fi guh get a power an him like gwaan pon ppl an sour like him f***g head big like mandorous coconut Flo is walking germs ready to infect ppl I don’t like him just saying

  32. Flo nuh want keedy yuh nuh see say a whole heep a bagga bagga germ flo have, Flo deh wid one a my nice clean fren right now ,but she nuh want him she juss a give him a one piece and tek hiim likkle tweng tweng money!

  33. this yah sumpn yah cyah hide from mi chargie!!! Ppl send him the bumboclat screenshot dem…Suck yuh mada keddy a long time yah dis mi friend and a deal wid him like a big pussy!

  34. Woieeee sen in the convos between flo an keddy… Di babyfada need fi get some proof.. Look how di babyfada humble an a dis yuh bring dung pon him dutty keddy.. Jahkno dats why man kill off some a uno nasty bloodclawt enuh … But i leave you to flo cause is a panty parrot dat.. Him soon mek di wurl kno how unda yuh crawny an stay bad.. Keddy yuh lump dem start from yuh knee guh up ewwwwwww…. An yuh love wear some young clothes like yuh small.. Woieeeeee..

  35. Lmfao …..keddy u fren dem a write bout people on educated the word is uneducated unnu donce nuh f**k bout unnu want done gal and can’t spell mek keddy move har big fat shape bad self shi shape like a big English barrel not even waist trainer can help har gal weh have money nuh live a Kirk mek dutty winsome move har bloodclaat wannabe Margret as shi Margret start round Robin she run go start round Robin she all run go start partner and couldn’t pay d people dem winsome a full time u put u pussy in a retirement and stop f**k.as fi unnu dutty dog gazebo gal the whole a unnu a john Crow unnu walk and f**k like dog d whole a unnu have a bloodclaat falt the whole a unnu waah lite a fire come off a jilly name n move unnu dutty blood claat

  36. Winsome and har stay bad cellulite looking daughta need a life dem gwan like dem too hype and dont have shit, member say me wudda never leave my nice clean babyfada fi dah chatty mouth bwoy deh, chat ooman like its nobody’s business. As weh dem say a from inna the 80’s winsome a suck cock! Har pussy all did kill me fren fi show yuhhhh…keddy hurry up and go that that body done girl, yuh stay real real bad child and stop wear the clothes dem like yah slimmas Jilly would look much better in them cause she slim and look real bloodclat good! Stay bad nuh bloodclat!

  37. A flo unu fi cusss and leave the two woman den out.. But bad to bad Gilly look betta than keddy flo yuh figot seh a Gilly tek Yuh in and mek Yuh know what is life di gal move Yuh in and u fuk up di gal.. Flo yah gwan like u a rip or yah face boy flo Yuh fava humpy dumpy flo go look a life and stop wear Yuh taxi clothes dem go dance flo u and messy need a make ova d two match big and nav nu flavour commin like sweet pepper u and Neddy stay bad nu rass Yuh run mve in round a keddy and a hide den u claim to seh u move out and rent house flo a Ina u car u live nav no ambition Yuh if set a foundation fi Yuh family

  38. If a Tru dis keddy yuh shudnt diss Davion look how di yute nice girl fi da dutty big head bwoy dea no girl look Ina yu self mon as fi jilly me no like a bone weh mek u,,, u long and crawny no bloodclaat and luv hype up u crawny self come outta di hairdresser woman house bout Paul have money bitch weh??? We nuh knw bout dat u chat Paula like dwag gweh malnutrish wharf dwag dat u fi get luv gwan like u more Dan ppl nd nthn bout u bout have things girl u figet a babysit yaah bby sit di house humble yuhself mon a yuh alone waan sour flo jilly Ina real life me just no like

  39. No sah a long time them things yah Fi talk did think keddy a somebody but any gal weh have up that whore weh work a uwi as Fren know u can’t have a clean back ground the whole. Unno from gazebo have a fault and always want inna ppl life unno fuk out like not t mention the one weh name first time Jilly life goes in cause Flo a nuh nobody Fi all a this a talk over all a them from gazebo a top freak so them ago feel them a win but only a idiot boy won’t know loyalty convenient pussy and forever pussy them can’t kno the difference me can’t like Flo and won’t ever like him man jus nasty always a love Ina car all wen him did live up a the broke down up stairs smh and candy run and tek her child after a the poor little gal me did sorry fa….diss the gal Fi gazebo mini bull dog aka top f***t and unno say unno a the hottest set a gal inna dancehall real hot gal know them limit real hot gal draw a line con man and move on can’t a fuk so…..Me hate unno little crew I should a name gazebo top freaks bout glamour girl…..

  40. The bitch who wrote this is sad and have no content of the storey bye bitch u could a stay bad a dan jilly in a real life u an keddy a must Fren an yah try something it nah work hush an this a get played out now an boring and for the info on jilly wanting Flo the last time I read is the depoertee weh well fit up a slam jilly a suh how worthless Flo come in a keddy want Flo now for d info u sad bitch an mi grantee seh Jilly nuh care bout your like…… Yours Truly!!! When people a strive ghetto people hate that I know that for fact glad I leave the life years now. U go jilly get yourself a place now an finished mad them down there.

  41. She a tek care a d house coz a family fi d owner would have to in a it dis anonymous person is lame who d hell u be damn smh your storey so lame about d girl an who called d brother name by way and everybody chat people a it a wear just like how keddy Fren dem in yah a done har wicked wicked

  42. Ediat gyal the road is deportee..unuh waa cum dun gyal n cya spell..unuh go back a skool..keddy fat nuh bc wid a pretty face..she fava balloon
    N Jilly ugli nuh pussyclaat
    .witch part a Jilly pretty? Kmt all shi do a mawga wid color..gyal head fava board nuh bc..stop trace now n do sum action

  43. nah lie can know say a gazebo gal dem a comment i swear but some body have t stand out i swear all a u cant jus a suck down kirk so give somebody else a chance mek a next gal relationship gwan mek another bitch happy almost everyone a unno iina the crew fuk jermaine flava unno can stop now no sah jus a fuk so who nah fuk fi brazillian hair a fuk fi stay inna spot light girl seriously good pussy speak fi it self cause flo go a jilly yard go fight her tru him finally hear say she a fukthe deportee……unno pussy nuh have no shell the muscle inna unno whole done so a let suck b free and everytime unno a tell the man dem a unno first time…….some a unno clothes them want dash weh all da one de with the lightening catcher bag and the one gucci slippers weh a bawl out……her clothes tired a her body fuss slim gal me see wear so much refurbish clothes…cause a cant new clothes u a mek u wear the clothes them so till all jigswag know themno sah first time u can do better….ur hair style them tired everything pon u…….jilly big up ur self

  44. Some gal WAh shot with shit a WAh do dutty f**k out keddy weh caah stop f**k har pussy nuh have no paused a used Flo a use keddy coz him a mad over jilly same way mi know that fi fact him all get slim an stay bad like dawg weh sum dutty gal nuh know older than dem they get trick an have a next guess coming coz if them think jilly a tek back Flo dem Mek a sad error there coz Robert way better looking and everything over nasty Flo along time d stinker fi Gweh keddy all a sen msg to d girl like bitch please Flo don’t worth a f**k a d first mi see gal nah look at man worries him must nuh worth it and how them seh jilly like gwaan an behave bad dirty Flo don’t worth it.. Keddy guh suck out big stinking f**k out pussy muma weh f**k like dawg too yu drop far from d shoulder an a d same sanky ago reach yu too dawg shit lick out battyman keddy weh mi Fren a almond town f**k wen him feel like an tek yu 5 grand them uno fi leave d gal alone coz she honestly nah look yu an Flo uno wasted to har

  45. A how me just reach in pan dis mi laugh till me weak. But hear se Flo deh wid one of the 123 girl Dem too plus him a look my French hard but she a goodas she Na look pan him. Dwl ya so nice tho me Na lie

  46. Unknown 7:21 from u touch the slim gal every body know say a di gal from dun di rd weh claim she a breed… Caz dah gal deh nuh Inna mix up… Mi r nuh chat but she always look nice… She use to f**k Jermaine yes but move u BBC.. Everyday di boy deh a di gal yaad.. Mi nuh business with Flo n Keddy enuh but when uno ago talk bout ppl fi no reason uno fi gweh di gal always a go bout r business a must do gal shakel n r Fren den write this Caz u was chat bout the gal longtime Mi n do gazebo gal den a nuh Fren but Mi spirit tek dah one deh.. She nuh hype n always quite… Jilly a f**k the deportee so wah if Flo f**k..

  47. Suh WAh if jilly a **k d deportee Flo always a walk an f**k an do d things pon har she all right we a woman and we nuffy simpatized wen man always a do wrong Flo f**k my Fren a rolly right thru before him an jilly in a weh a true him Bruck an nuh have shit y she left him and she seh Flo love chat an all offer to eat har to how love my Fren mi an Flo nuh have nothing but him a nuh good man him stink mi stomach jilly f**k who YU want an nuh Mek nuh body stop YU Flo a big crosses him fi Gweh YU slim an pretty don’t Mek him let no one tek step a YU him a dirty bag an don’t worth it u should a put him out years ago all she yack heewwww d worst one of all maybe him think money deh deh but him ago get shock of his there an him caah keep him mouth suh we will see it goes from here keddy yack heewwww no need to comment on she coz she a big fault yack

  48. Jilly u did at leaving that stinking dirty Flo along time YU deh wid him but betters will come for you God loves I and your bless trust me girl

  49. Any man weh walk an f**k suh must a suck an if him cross my part mi nah Mek dah suck deh escape me fi nothing coz so so caah f**k everybody suh him must a tongue dem too an them seh Flo stink always stink suh him couldn’t f**k me fi nothing laad them stress pon the stink an frownsy my man affi clean an him always look dirty an waah bathe Flo nuh in a no class affi diss nobody. Me hear seh him friend them nuh chat to him coz him a crosses and them nuh like suh them throw him out of the crew now heh heh what a thing a d old ones him draw back fah a long long long time mi nuh like him eno long Time from him try diss me

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