Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man suspected in bombings in New York and New Jersey, is now in custody after a shootout with police, sources said.

The shootout happened Monday in Linden, New Jersey, a local and federal law enforcement official said.

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man wanted for questioning in connection with bombings in New York and Seaside Park, New Jersey, is also believed to be connected to the pipe bombs found in a backpack Sunday night in Elizabeth, New Jersey, sources said.

Rahami has been added to key terror watch lists to prevent him from trying to leave the country.

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Ahmad Khan Rahami is now also wanted for questioning in connection with the explosion Saturday in Seaside Park, New Jersey, the FBI said Monday.

New York police announced earlier they are looking for Rahami for questioning in connection with the Saturday bombing in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, which injured 29 people.
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Bombings in New York and New Jersey over the weekend — as well as the discovery of several unexploded devices — have led authorities to believe there may be a terror cell at work in those two states, law enforcement officials told CNN Monday.

And a manhunt is under way for 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami after New York police identified him as wanted in connection with the bombing Saturday night in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, which wounded 29 people.

Earlier Saturday, a garbage can exploded near the starting line of a Marine Corps charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

And on Sunday night, a backpack with multiple bombs inside was found in Elizabeth, New Jersey. As authorities tried to investigate, one of those bombs exploded.

The series of attacks come as New York hosts world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

Here are the latest developments:

— Officials want to question Ahmad Khan Rahami because they believe he is the man seen in surveillance videos rolling a duffel bag near the scene of the bombing in Chelsea, according to multiple officials.

— The FBI described Rahami as a naturalized U.S. citizen of Afghan descent with a last known address in Elizabeth, New Jersey — the same city where an explosives-laden backback was found Sunday night.

Rahami is about 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs about 200 pounds. Rahami has brown hair, brown eyes and brown facial hair.

— New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday the bombs found over the weekend have similarities, suggesting “there might have been a common linkage.” He said the investigation is ongoing, and he “wouldn’t be surprised if it zeroes in on a particular individual, today even,” and he “wouldn’t be surprised if we found a foreign connection to the act.”

— A federal law enforcement official said BBs and ball bearings were among the pieces of metal that appeared to be packed into two pressure cooker bombs in New York. One of those devices exploded on 23rd Street, but the fact that it was partly under a metal trash container may have diminished the force of the blast.

— Surveillance videos showed the same man near the site of the explosion in Chelsea and where a pressure-cooker device was found four blocks away, several local and federal law enforcement sources told CNN.

The latest bomb discovery

The backpack in Elizabeth, New Jersey, was found around 9:30 p.m. Sunday in a wastebasket outside a neighborhood pub — about 500 feet from a train trestle, officials said.

It contained up to five devices, Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage said. The two men who found the backpack thought it might contain something valuable, but they alerted police when they saw wires and a pipe on the devices, the mayor said.


  1. I wonder what’s the story behind this one now! since governor Cuomo was quick to jump to the conclusion that this incident wasn’t linked to international terrorism! I’m in no way in any shape, form or pattern be on the same page with DONALD-CHUMP or in no way, shape form or pattern sympathize with him or share any of his views but the USA is giving too many of theese people “naturalize-citizenship” and they later become very ungrateful and do America harm like those 2 responsible for the boston marathon couple of years ago, while you have productive people in this country who work so hard, some working 3 jobs, pay their taxes, are peaceful law abiding people,contributing to society in many ways than one,POSE ABSOLUTELY NO IMMINENT THREAT TO THE COUNTRY and they’re being stigmatized by their status, imagine, this rif-raf is a naturalized citizen and before he used his status to be productive to American society look what he go and do(good thing authorities stop him in the nick of time), if you’re living in America and have issues with America whether on US foreign policies or whatever or disgruntled with America for whatever reason LEAVE, GO HOME, don’t be screwing it up for people who are in dire need of it, your sentiment in your country or what you do their is your business, I bet you they literally gave him the citizenship with little or no requirement and he probably can’t even speak a word of english and only knows how to make bombs, SMH, THE DONKEY SAID THE GROUND SURE AINT LEVEL AND IT COULDN’T BE CLOSER TO THE TRUTH!

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