17 thoughts on “A DI 10K BOOTS DIS?

  1. Donna Lee own a from Steve Madden. Weh the rass Donna Lee fi get money from? If man nuh shit Donna Lee nuh eat. She has no education or career her life long goal has been reach and it’s to be a part of the dancehall culture. TEK people man, Inna mixup, war a dance and keep party. Donna Lee with the insides weh a rotten, you visit a specialist yet fi dah something deh

  2. Dung tuh fi har own look more real dan apple own… apple own look like dem just pull some seaqueens material 2gedda an duh a ting and anedda ting fi har own nuh have di likkle curdle up like a seh har calves too cow….. I dont know it just nuh look di same.

  3. Met and all big up

    I thought I was the only one that realize Apple made a video in the YSL store but not showing the purchase similar to how she made a video in the Versace store buying plates but never bought them I’m so convinced this girl is delusional Apple live in her own head we over here are tired of exposing Apple mi dun wid Apple from she try to convince us she have on the same boots as Rihanna when a only 3 boots Tom Ford Made then she come with the Chanel bag that was sold out months before Apple wear it then she come with the YSL heels with the shoe size written in the wrong place then she come with her neighbors pool OMG no man

  4. I am kinda late to fashion maybe because I was told at young age to always keep it classy .. is this attire the new normal ? I am seriously looking for a answer no shade

  5. Gucci don lock up the whole crew get lock up this morning in Miami Florida by fbi and fbi looking for Robert girlfriend daffy black !! No fake info real

  6. Yes anon@1:58. The new normal is being naked! This is so the men don’t need to imagine what under your frock bc everyone can see what you have to sell. Lol it’s so scary that looking like a prostitute is the new normal! Disgusting bad man!

    1. What are morals? In the deepest parts of the Amazon and in Africa women don’t wear nithig but bush. Should we say they have no morals?

      In the middle east thieves get maimed or killed and western societies they go to prison. Which one is with morals and which is without?

      Both of you, moral fiber ao turnt up that you should be lounghing in bed, next to god. De gal look good and not over exposed.

  7. @latty +5 So true this girl booths look more real and alive than Apple booths.
    Apple, booths stiff like Mr chin was in an hurry suh him starch it.

    @kerrie goodas mi tink a me alone notice sey Apple video her neighbors pool and talk bout the view from my daughter’s room is so beautiful.

    Kerrie mi wait all summer to si Apple and her Satan bless crew inna the pool and all now mi caan si them.
    Apple is one fake bitch.
    Kerrie good as yuh remember the Versace plate tuh wey Apple run into the people them store and claim sey she a order.lol

    Mr chin a china Versace print look like it bruck duh Apple nuh get her Versace plate.
    Thanks fi bring mi back down Apple fake memory lane.

    Kerrie goodas, now Apple, stunt wi again with bedroom set sey Gina, fi order for her and then turn round cut off her old bed head and glue on a look alike bed head like to Gina pon her 12years old plastic bed.

  8. Wait everybody soon get ketch. Those are the Steve Maddens version which i think looks great . They go for $200 plus

  9. I called it :games i knew soon as rhianna rocked them all these regulas was gone act like they got rhi momey :cystg

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