Come on Sophia aka Peaches a when yuh get suh brown? Look like yuh a teck time rub under the quiet. Adda day yuh kin dark and hard. Thank God fi makeup cause a it a carry yuh off. I personally know the two time yuh go duh tummy tuck and all now yuh belly still high. An a three time in all you do it.. Maybe a gas still.lol. And all the go yuh ago gym yuh leg dem wha tone up bad. Miss Lewis enjoy the fact that you can travel on yuh buy ID for now but eventually you will need a Passport (thank God for the State You live in). Differently still enuh Peaches mi tink yuh a wrk fi the BOYs dem enuh. All now yuh immigration case nuh resolve. Yuh went in January 2013 fi interview suh what happen? Dem teck whe yuh GC years now and yuh was on house arrest for a minute…And dem never grant you it back.. Peaches wi know yuh a work fi yuh stay.


  1. She look like ah man stop smuggle drugs immagration ah look fi yuh bumboclaat just to do belly and body yuh a smuggle drugs from Florida

  2. Geez, you please just don’t like GOOD for no one.
    Like all of us she’s here to make a better life for herself and family. How she does that is NONE of our business, you just don’t do any wrong for her to tell her employers on you.
    Peaches I hope you realize that this is one of your owna FRIENDS doing this.
    PS: Peaches you need to stop screwing up your face in the dance, if you don’t want to be there stay home. That screw face don’t look good.

  3. Peaches you need a redo you need ah reality check all ah yuh man dem weh f**k yuh left yuh and all yuh Pikney dem curse especially yuh son weh ah ride pon cocky fi yung bwoy he is a big batty man go worry bout him

  4. Peaches is one long time whore. Suh the madda/Aunt suh the daughter Dana and neice Janae big whore all of them. The son I have no problem with he’s a good person no matter his sexuality. Peaches need to retire har dun out pussy now.

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