Judith we finally know it was u sucking Dwayne d*ck in the picture to the right cause he post happy birthday Judith on his fb page smh u an your ugly friend love take ppl man doe


15 thoughts on “A DI SAME DWAYNE DIS?

  1. Him cocky big an clean so wah if me want f**k him or suck him a my business uno too nuff leave ppl business alone bbc mon an go suck uno mada an Gewh

  2. Every body sucking dick these days so leave the girl an the youth smh tell u bout dutty ppl big up yh self Judith & Dwayne

  3. Why he even giving people the indication that you suck him off though… He couldn’t leave that picture from his post. Look at the men you deal with and how they willing to disgrace you. I’m not saying the act is wrong as going down on his a** but for him to post the picture with ur head down there is wrong….

  4. @sammy is not everybody sucking dick bitch talk for yourself these waste Bronx bitches need to clean up them life now man too nasty

  5. #purple dats y your man ago leave u cause nothing rong with sucking dick so f**k u bitch mi suck dick an mi nah stop suck dick who the f**k is u leave ppl business alone an go suck u muma

  6. Wat the f**k he use on his skin wow him bleaching clean an pretty if u don’t know him it’s hard to tell u a bleach him bleaching 100% clean up

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