Good day Met,
Now the battle is on for the wutless Scamma bwoy Randyskyscrapa from Portmore. Stylysh ah walk n mek bare war wid people ova him. She claim say she ah breed fi him and him n har plan fi Scam the foreign gal dem fi money. So she say him n har plan fi act like a nuh fi him pitney. Wooooooiii yooooiiooooii gal can suh wutless. Ah who raise dah Fool fool careless gal yah, Stylysh. No standard, no class.No sah, har life sad bad. She say Randy newest victim that him ah Scam is a gal from England name alicia_mckhairgoddess caz pound strong. So she ok wid Randy ah walk and f**k everybody fi get money. All Randyskyscrapa do ah stay pon Social Media lurk and send foreign gal message, fi try get money. Nasty Stylysh ah talk bout Randy gi har money and everybody Randy know say him broke like she. Ladies Take Caution caz Stylysh say Randy ah Scam unu fi get money fi mine the pitney that she nuh who breed har.
Scamma Dem Dhe Yah!!! Ladies Dont Become A Victim! Ladies A Nuh Everything Whe Luk Good, Good Fi Unu. Take Heed!!




    1. No is not him dont mix up mi fren, is the nex indian looking one name Richard lall! And him dnt bruk either! Stylish fatter dan a pound deh doh!

  1. You can bet is the pig looking girl send in this, what’s her name again? But a good for some of unu gyal, randy scam dem yes a work you working

  2. Pig face stacey saggy powell is u sen dis in cause yo vex. Stop block traffic n play yo role n kno yo place cause yo soon get ur chance fi shine jus mek sure yo hurry up wid di green card cause him funds a run low

  3. Pig face stacey is you a war wid gyal pan instagram fi randy like him want yuh every gyal yuh see him with you make fake page and trouble them on Instagram i dont wrong randy from scam yuh ugly bloodclaat cause no man wants you naturally so you affi pay for it

  4. Hear me now, me is a man to and trust mi it nuh easy fi deal with some of unu gyal a farign the stay bad look bad one dem, we know unu weakness cause we know what unu want to hear but it takes guts fi a tell unu say we love unu and need unu, unu pretty and deep down unu disgust we plus unu want inna long talking with man i consider this a job yah man a work man a work nuff time mi talk till mi phone hot worse when it a come to weekend unu ugly gyal affi pay fi dat a weh unu feel like low di yute go tru yah bredrin some ugly fat gyal affi pay

  5. Stylysh yu have whole heap ah time doh, fi sen een yu self on here. Yu jus waan be seen an look yu under it already ah comment. Yu idle bad tho Stylysh, yu just waan people tink say yi ah breed fi the Randy bwoy. Leggo the bwoy head mam, yu commin like a big Crasis yu nuh have nutten betta fi do. All a sen een yuself. Kmft.

  6. Stylysh summin wrong wid yu, get yu head check. Yu sen een all yu self fi get attention. Look how you stay bad, yu say yu breeding an yu have time fi do dis. The things bitches will do to get Attention. Yu ah mad ova mi fren Randy, Abbbbbbbaaaaayyyy!!! Him nuh want yu and nubaddy nuh like yu

  7. Woooooiii Yooooiiii!!! Stylysh all ah seen een like a man ‘the General’ comment…Dwfl, Stylysh yu idle bad.Look like we haffi sen fi Spice fi box yu and cool yu dung. But look pon har big ugly face in a d pic and a call people ugly. How she stay bad suh waaaaiiiii. Stylysh you are a real Crasis gal. Sen een yu self fi try stop the man money.

  8. Stylysh ah yu sen this een man, look like you waan stop the man Progress. Randy nuh mek Stylysh stop yu progress caz she nah Nutten fi gi yu. Stylysh clearly ah hate pon the farin gal. Stylysh yu look and stay bad, all yu foot waan lotion inna di slippers.

  9. Good day met am gonna talk the things them now…. First of all spice and stylish never have any confrontation yet is the girl weh name sasha the sting artist and spice did have something unu fi talk what unu know unu too rass mixup second thing stylish caah bruk cause she have other business different from music, me know cause me a portmore village
    lawyer and me cousin and her fren
    chinel upsetter a fren a she tell me say stylish have nuff taxi pan di road next
    thing me know is that because the girl
    weh name stacey find out say stylish a breed fi randy and tru a she a mine him she shame cause is just the other day she was posting pics with
    him dwl met mi caah bada woyyyy tha mix up yah nice

  10. Stylysh, ah Randy personal real link this ah talk.Ah mi Chargie dis til the end. An ah gud yute, by now we know ah you ah do all this an a create Drama. Listen me now, Yu say you pregnant for my fren, but him nuh know or sure bout dat. You have time fi talk tings bout other people but if you did ah f**k 2 man at the same maybe even more thats why him unsure ah yu belly. Stylysh Randy caan stand yu. Ah him fren ah tell yu dis. Even if a Randy pitney that dont mean him ago want yu or unu suppose to be together. As long as him do whe him can fi him yute, thats all. Leggo mi fren head now man caz none ah wi ah Portmore nuh like yu. Lowe out Randy medz now and stop try mash up him progress.

  11. Kim u affe go step up u game honey go get a next job pon the 5 weh you have now yaw caaaa mek England gal push you out a the race whoiiiii

  12. Dwrcl!!!!! Stylysh u sadder than a baby funeral! Move yuh dutty bloodclaat and lower d man! I never see u and him in a pic, him more own up stacey a dat a mad u nastiness so u send in this. Poor yuh!

  13. stylysh you get ketch, wooooiiii. Met say you using same ip address, ah caan badda. Expose the likke crasis gal yes Met. Stylysh yu get ketch, f**ka yu. Everyday yu a sen een tings pon here. Go find summin do Mumma. If Yu neva ah f**k 2 man at the same time Randy woulda sure say ah fi him pitney. Ah yu nasty caz if yu ah f**k 2 man use condom wid one so you sure ah who breed yu nasty Stylysh. Move yu nasty bloodcloth we hate yu a Portmore yu si.

  14. Stacey piggy Powell come off a stylish now if you have a problem with randy take it up with him every day you mek fake page and stalk the girl Instagram and she keep blocking you and now you take it to pink wall again stylish don’t have time for unu the girl deh a Farin a shop for her baby come off a mi fren bloodclaat name ano she why you affi cho cocky partner then come in here a talk like someone else every body know is you do this cause yuh crazy even randy talk it , ano she y randy scam yuh a tru yuh pussy big like rio a bayyyyy stylish ago mad yuh bitch

  15. Big man mascot saggy pussy Stacey is a hype yuh a look of a Stylysh go suck yuh mada Stylysh nah look at you y Stylysh would a come in here and try bring down her self? Lowe mi bloodclaat artist ano she y yuh sad and caah breed ano she y randy trick yuh and dun yuh bank book stop bring down people and a try mash up randy business go look a new ole stinking pussy gyal a you met a talk to the amount of post about Stylysh yuh a mek you don’t have work today? Randy need the money miss piggy

  16. I’m a Jamaican myself but seriously some of you low life smaddy a really a tek it pon your head fi try scam people a foreign. When father god pay you all a visit you call it bad luck. Suggestion you need fi look a work and look a life cause clearly you havnt one. Nutten smart in trying to scam people it will fall down on your pickney and family dem. Every action brings a reaction.

  17. Stacey you need to go seek help because clearly something is wrong with you, you are so insecure and low life you is a big 36 year old woman and come in here a war over a little boy…. Girl chill even tho your family is trying to get you help you continue to do stuff like this smh i know how crazy you are and one day someone is gonna beat urĀ ass leave people alone God dont like ugly and you tried this already and when the girls got ur ass you called the cops like seriously you need to stop girl

  18. Stacie Ann Lamoth aka no career having Stylysh. All yu talk bout is Pussy, look like yu specialize in a Pussy too. Good Pussy? Dwfl if yu pussy did good yu wouldnt in a worries now and you wud know who yu baby daddy is. If your pussy did good Randy would ah own yu up. Look at Usain and his baby mama mascot gal. The man post har up. Bout Pussy,old grung lizard Stylysh get a life bitch. Mus be sad to be going through a pregnancy all by yusrlf
    Thats why yu mad. You aint got no good pussy bitch, caz if it did good Randy would have stayed with you. Bitch get a Life. Im gonna send your ass on Maury Show free DNA testing.

  19. Stylysh what i want to know is how much longer you gonna keep this up for? A Stacey hairdress this ah talk now, we take it up now.I just called Stacey like a hour ago to let her know you post again. Stylysh ah long time mi do Stacey hair, years now and Stacey is a decent professional that dont trouble people.The girl didnt even know you do this again,she’s at work. Stylysh you caan walk in Stacey shoes no day, no time and you cannot look like her. Yu talk bout Saggy body. But Stylysh yu slim and Stay bad.Look pon yu picture. Stop tek set pon Stacey caz har name Good ah road. She help people and she good to people.So me will defend har. You made so many fake pages and you Started this PinkWall f***y. You do it couples weeks ago and yu start again.Saturday me ah do Stacey hair and see how much message yu sen har and then ah play innocent. And we have screenshot to prove.Stylysh you are a trouble maker, when you message Stacey ah me tek the phone and reply to yu and say we dhe Bronx in ah the hair dressing shop yu come. Caz yu sen threat to Stacey say you gonna buck har and beat har. Mi dhe here as witness. Stylysh stop tek set pon Stacey if you know whe good fi yu. When mi tell Stacey say on you post on Pink.Wall again, she said ‘She wont even lower her standards by giving you a response, because you are a Scum Stylysh and you are going to stay mad, because she is never leaving Randy for you and she Will Always Be There For Him, So F**k off.'(Message Delivered) Stylysh no matter what yu see Randy and Stacey go through them love each other and dem nah Leff. Come haff har now. Stylysh you making yourself look stupid. Plus yu stay very bad go fix up yuself.

  20. Sugar mama stacey it burn you how randy took your money and give stylysh a bayyyyyy stylysh ago mad yuh mi nice clean fren ago mad yuh bout yuh send een on pink wall to let it look like is stylysh gwayyyyyy old gyal you need fi go let murry help you find a new ole cause yuh money and tha ole deh nah work fi yuh a bayyyyyy randy baby soon born a them time deh you ago dead hey gyal you ago get a beaten fi this memba that wait till yuh come back a jamaica me personally a go give you some bloodclaat lick if randy never sure if a fi him baby him wouldn’t give stylysh the money to go shopping. Bitch do your job play ur role and leave mi fren alone she happy and pretty with her pregnancy unlike you weh God never bless yuh pussy piglett yuh curse go dead nowwwwwww a bayyyyyyyyy

  21. Stylysh everyday you posting on Pink Wall trying to let Stacey look bad, that she mine Randy. But, you clearly silly because if you are in a relationship witk someone and you are there for them. Whats that to curse out somebody about? Atleast Stacey is there for him always, how you ever help him? A good woman stand beside her man. Yu bragging that you caan broke and yu have Taxi pon Rd. Yu ever help Randy yet? Noooooo!! But you well a sen post pon Pink Wall say you and him ah plan fi scam foreigner Woman. Stylysh Yu sick stomach and you clearly Jealouus.

  22. Big Man thing the 2 a dem gyal yah careless because Randi DO NOT OWN ANY OF U.. YOU GIRLS ARE ALWAYS POSTING PICS of randi and he does not post or comment when you post him.. first of all stacy spend all her hard earn money send to randy n he don’t respect her. Make she move are pussy bloodcloth wid r big sour self n pig nose randi f**k everything that wear skirt as a matter a fact I hear that they freak out n sex man to for things these fake hype boys them suck the most pussy here in portmore them do everything to stay the hype … my friend use to fuxk him they don’t have nothing when u see them a hype is long time him n stylish deh but because she a artist him don’t loud up plus stylish have r little man dem to con… randy seh that when stacey come him hardly f**k her… regular him sleep on the couch n don’t sleep beside r if she come for 10 days she a get f**k 3 nights d most… lol no met a weh dem start mi up fa… my friend get money out a d same stacey girl caz him call her fi money fi d father seh d father a beg it n give d gyal d money fi r bday.. hey crowd a ppl if unu want hear more say Moooooooooooore

    1. Ah which big pussy gyal dis ah try tarnish di man name mi live ah portmore and mi know nuff batty man and mi never hear dem man deh name call pon f**g batty or sucking pussy aye gyal guh suck yuh mada and nuh come gwan like yuh wah bring dwn di man how much man f**k u inna your batty or inna your mouth di man love woman mi naw ask yuh dat gyal guh suck out yuh mumma

  23. Stylysh you are truly a disgrace, you are obviously a woman Scorned. I’m Stacey’s friend Tina and since Stacey made it clear “she wants Nothing to do with Pink Wall nor will she lower her standards by responding to classless Stylysh.” So as her very Good friend,I’ll take the liberty and responsibility to respond. Instead of focusing on a career that will never happen for you. You are making problems on Social media. You made fake pages and started commenting on Stacey’s pictures, while she was in Jamaica.You then went and send her picture on Pink Wall. You started this f***y, now here you are again, you made another post. As Stacey’s friend and after this post, no one associated with Stacey will comment, and if anyone does.. Its not through our association.Now Stylysh, how do you even want to begin to walk in my friends shoes, you would have a very f***g long walk. My friend is Educated Professional that is very respected. She has her dignity and class. You talk bout mi friend nose. But look at you Spoilysh. You need a Stylist. You cant begin to look or dress or afford what my friend wear.You dont even have clothes. You slim but you body need a brace especially when you look like you have Scoliosis. Stop describing people caz all the regular gal dem ah Jamaica look better than you. You are clearly mad and intimidated by Beautiful, Educated Friend. Oh, btw you have way more to be mad at because Stacey Loves Randy and he Loves her too. And She said she will Always be there for him. Get Well Soon Spolysh you have a hating disease. With that said, this will be the last and only post associated with my friend. After this, is not our association. Spoilysh yu time up and baby couldnt make him stay either especially when him unsure of that belly. Caz you were f***g him and the old man. Next time use a condom bitch so you can be sure. Bye, Have a nice life.

  24. Moreeeeee dwl that girl yah talk eeh me feel a the stacey gurl send in this randi seh she a mad gyal him a mi fren him nuh ramp fi dun stacey him seh she want f**k her pan her period nasty shape bad stacey yah mine man and yuh body shakey like jello leave stylyst alone and go salt out yuh body and that pig nose of yours

  25. Dwl stacey yuh ugly and look like is a duck push you out so dont let anyone tell you otherwise stylysh dont want try on your shoes cause she dont want fungus tek up har foot any day you look good like stylysh me eat mi head is a hype you looking but stylysh nah put ur name inna no song since randy is ur man how comes him never own you yet lol him not even like f**k yuh stacey you gonna forever have to pay man fi f**k yuh and them still nah stay girl full time you come offa pink wall and go do some over time educated fool you still a fail this exam go work and send the money mi nice clean friend randy want it stop try stop the bwoy food and just be the nice sugar mama that you are

  26. Kmt dem gyal yah ah low life randy was using Stacey and him don’t want stylysh unno life sad unno ah comment pon the post pretending to be anonymous but we all know it unno fix up unno life Stacey stop mine man and fix yuh body and buy yuh self ah pussy cause yah 30 add and yuh nuh have a man or a child and stylysh fi ah artist yuh tacky leave randy alone him naw use yuh . Mi supposed to know say ah countless nights yuh bawl because yuh run guh breed and di young man don’t want you before yuh guh try Mek ah hit song unno need a f***g life stop try stop di man business

  27. Randy a batty man and freak me say that and me sure unu dont mek mi talk in yah….. randy you need a job them gyal yah a idiot fi a give you them money suck ur mother randy you beg like dog Randy you is a hungry mother f***r randy beg like him blind till him beg my batty man friend suck ur mother batty boy randy your secret ago come out now

    1. Who are you ?. I know randy from him ah pickney mi never hear him name call pon batty you need to stop that’s not cool

  28. Wait I was at a party and I saw this guy with his friends with the bleach out face gal them from Waltham that call themself the skii girls . That where at the same all white wata party. All of them a dance and a acted up like them see them mate. So mi a ask how them with these guys. Up and down in a party in a Kingston so.

  29. All this is so disgusting, very disgusting. Stylysh remember you said you are preganant, be careful what you do to other people. Everything you saying or doing will come back to haunt you. Stylysh be careful, stop describing people remember yu claim yu pregnant.

  30. But a suh unnu gal foolfool. Mek mi air di business caah unnu inna denial seh randy nuh waah nuh body. Stylish randy did gi yuh piggy stacey money yes but a dr appointment it did fah randy not sendin yo pan nuh shopping spree suh stop lie n him gi yuh cause him kno a might fi him pickney but randy really don’t want yo stylish a promise yo dat. Stacey you worst cause yo caah even go a randy house cause him nuh want yo there n him nuh stop walk n brag n laugh bout di car weh yuh buy fi him n yes randy seh yo pussy big n yo must stop di fake mownin inna him ears cause yo naah feel nuttin. Mi caah blame the bwoy cause a di gal dem mek him tek dem fi fool n stacey yo worst dan stylish caah yo lef all di way from foreign com look man weh have yo inna hore house a fuk yo you really need fi stop cause a promise yo yo time soon up.randy seh stylish obsessed caah him tyad fi run ar n stacey him seh wen yo waah kiss yo knos a block di way n him nuh waah yo put yo mout pan him plus him seh if stylish really a breed fi him a jus suh it set him ago do him part all when him nuh want ar

  31. Randy a cool yute but a unnu idiot gal waah play unnu self cause stylish nuh matter wah randy buh want yo like dat but him will fuk yo from time to time. Stacey you noooo betta cause the way randy done you it sad. Stacey randy tell him bredda fi feed yo ears wid di lie dem mek yo feel good like him want yo but yo yuh kno seh him have other siblings n family weh him seh yo woulda neva meet di way him nuh want yo.

  32. So what happen to dolly weh par wid goodlife dem how fi har name nah mention. A randy gal that too. Di 20 year old weh look 35

    Saggy pussy Stacey Randy say u nah get back the CHAIN AND THE RING. You fi stop tell lie pan man who nuh want you. Tek u finger offa the award wah u put up say u anu registered nurse u a practical nurse. Gyal who nuh live nowhere inna foreign n nuh drive nothing other than ride pan di 2 train. Stop post video inna mi fren BMW. Metro now you. You a almost forty years old and a dis u a do? Cuss over twenty year old boy wah chat u with all a him fren dem? Ehh piggy? When mi see u a di white party mi almost vomit. Body Slack sloppy and saggy pussy stick and wah man f**k u pan u period. No girl seriously.

    1. But she a ask back for chain like mi bad friend did ask har for iy mi nigga say him never beg r she see him with 1 that a next 1 catty buy nd she jump up n say she will buy a new 1 a so mi nigga drop it make dem fine about each a every gyal so them can run competition over who a spend the most. Big Up mi friend west cumberland up up up! Gal affi spend. She give the man ring say they can get iy new 1 when dem married because she propose to him. Stacey big up u friend muma. U large spend pon u man yes. Stylist when they baby born we c if he is part of Mr all family.

  34. Big up yo mother fukin self randy pimpass sen dem out fi work n collect yes yute lool bwoy oh bwoy sirrr i don’t kno yo dat well but mi kno sweet peppa nose stacey lol fuka ar look how far yo led gaan gi man yo fukin tings idiot smfh…. N a hope stylish pickney belong to randy mek stinkin stacey go jump off a one bridge

  35. Yow dutty people a live pan stylish name like it a go make uno better on some a u do live nuh weh go suck uno mother on com off the girl name man

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