Jah Cure’s apology to selectors retracted

An apology that was supposedly issued to selectors by reggae artiste Jah Cure has reportedly been retracted.

The statement that had been making the rounds on social media saw the entertainer apologising to his fans, friends, and family for lashing out at selectors in his previous Instagram posts.

In the statement, the entertainer admitted that his actions were uncalled for. However, a day after the apology was issued, The STAR now understands that the apology was never authorised by Jah Cure.

Hours after Tony Matterhorn demanded an apology from the artiste, popular media personality Nikki Z posted a statement to her Instagram page, which seemed to have come from the artiste’s camp.

The statement was removed yesterday.

When The STAR contacted Nikki Z, she said she received the statement from a member of Jah Cure’s camp and revealed that the same source later asked her to take it down.


“I’m not gonna say I know why but it’s my understanding it wasn’t fully approved. I guess Cure wanted to deal with it first,” she told the STAR.

Now, the dancehall fraternity has again plunged into ‘boycott Jah Cure’ mode.

A video circulating on social media showed the name Jah Cure and anything ‘Jah related’ being deleted from selectors’ playlists.

When the STAR contacted Tony Matterhorn, he said he would support a boycott mission for any artiste who does not give selectors the respect they deserve.

“Me nah war wid no artiste fi show nuh respect innu. Di one dem weh nuh rate we, we nah work wid dem and we a go see the outcome a who prosper inna di business,” he said. “We know a we play the most important role by selling the goods and promoting the goods.”


Matterhorn added that whoever issued the statement was wise enough to try and get out in front of the issue.

“It look like somebody from the team know say a foolishness him a do and him can’t really diss the selectors because a di selectors make unu eat a food. Him caught up inna fi him likkle twisted world weh you have all person nuh supposed to diss selector,” he said, explaining that selectors have played a particularly important role in Jah Cure’s career. “When some artiste can diss selector and get weh, him of all person can’t do that because at the time when him a buss, him couldn’t do nothing, him deh behind bars. Him couldn’t even go promote nuh song or nothing.”

Selector Boom Boom said he understands why selectors have reacted this way.

“Me nuh know weh all a dis a come from but a blood run through everybody and selector all over the world get crazy about the whole situation and it look a way for dancehall and reggae music,” he said. “A full time we unite and live good because right now without the selectors, song dem can’t buss and without the artiste dem, selectors nuh have song fi play, so a one hand wash the other.”


  1. Mi know it was f**kery cause yuh did all dat video and when a apology time yuh draw fi papa.. mi shant looking.

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