Good day met…why mankind wicked so? Dis dutty boy name aundrae lee weh always in a dancehall and gwan like him hype and mek him woman shan foxxi and tell him not to mind him nice son weh just born couple months ago. How can another woman tell her man not to support his own child. Come on shan not becuz di man cheat pon u and get a son it nuh mean sey him not supports to mind his child and have di baby in a hiding. Look how the baby dead stamp a aundrae and him daughter but yet still a di daughter alone a get mind…

life is a bitch…shan foxxi stop being a bitch and stop give di man option fi choose between u and di innocent child. Mi ago upload di pic dem ppl and uno tell mi if the son nuh fava di father and his daughter. Wicked step mumma. You need to shut down swag HQ if u nah mind u two youth and not jus u daughter. Relly u always breed fi di wrong man dem trust mi…but u a good gal still…full a ambition. Dont worry u baby anuh jacket di baby a dead stamp a di father and dead stamp a him sister amilia! Dutty shan in a di white skirt always fava clown…gal cant dress just pure old bruk and tell her man nuh mind di son cuz him breed brelly out a road while they were still together.


  1. No woman can tell a man suptn him nuh waan hear. No woman can mek a man do suptn him nuh waan do. So no matter what she a seh to him a him nuh waan do ntn or be round di baby!

    @Sender you did know him a crosses when you did a f**k him and go breed fi him. Him nah mine di baby carry him go family court, case close!

  2. I hate a jealous female and too me this bitch sound jealous bitter and hurt a how the people business a mother u Suh supposed a u him did breed some a y’all thirsty ass bitch need too keep yo pussy under lock and key cause all when some man a mind Dem kids once a bitch can’t have him for her self him a the worse thing but it was all Gucci when yah skin out yo old tired hole gi him

  3. Any real nigga wuda tell di gal fi guh suck out har mada and nuh chat him pitney… please. Deadbeat ah deadbeat. Foh

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