Any body know why these two don’t talk? Shanzi and Shai trendi. Like both a dem a ambassador for quiet headphone party and even pon the photoshoot them nuh deal with each other. Me get fi understand that shanzi find shai trendi too hype and that some feelings a carry because shai a host the fimi choice show and it’s like some level of jealousy a carry. Like me want know if anybody have the tea. Even tho shanz seem like a cool girl u have some people weh feel say everything is to be them and don’t want see other people shining.

56 thoughts on “MALICE INQUIRY

  1. But they could pass fi sisters. Looks like they have similar styles too. Hope it’s not a Yanique/Ms Kitty situation. The pie is big enough.

  2. Shanzi is super duper hype, little girl u need fi get cut to down to size. Shai is very sweet & humble. I’m not picking sides neither of them are my friend, just had to deal with them promo wise & thats where I made my observation

  3. understand this, the hype & limelight is addictive to these chicks, they live for the likes & praises they get from the followers, if u ever comment the truth say dem no look good dem block u & call u hater; but guess what? its only the aeup & the clothes nothing ambitious or subtantial bout them, they live nasty life, fk dem one a neda man & badmind all around. It may be that one sleep with the others “man” or sponser. Them live sadly through IG. Its all fake, the friendships, hype, relationships.. dont follow them up.

  4. Shanzi bwoy dat head of yours
    Mi nearly kinova dead to rass
    Ah mek it shape like East Indian mango so????

    Shanzi seem badmind to me & feel she entitled
    To shit sit down lil girl
    The other day she was on smile Jamaica & im still
    Trying to figure out for whattttttttttt??????
    Is like Jamaican media enable this IG hype fckry who’s
    Next Nikki CHROMAZ????? Like for what reason was shanzi
    Featured on the show

      1. Yea I’m real hurt over that 2000.00 JMD weh dem pay dem fi go siddung n labrish pan tv fi no reason YUP IM BIG MAD 😀

    1. I was wondering the same as well. Is like dem just pick a few people whose pics kept appearing on their IG feed. Gosh man. Shanzi have a piece a chin deh! No sah it mek Natalie Nunn chin look normal mi nah lie.

  5. u dont need any actual talent or skill now a days to be featured on tv or readio. All u want is IG followers an outfit from an IG boutique clothes & makeup, also fk someone famous as well & boom u a star!!! its sad & pathetic cause non a dem cyah mek one. If there was no IG dont know wah wuda happen to dem? Shanzi very sneaky, Sasco fk her & both are sleeping with sour Greg. Its all about the hype, they gota shop & dress up fi IG & dem nah no real work so dem hafi fk fi di clothes money.

  6. God forgive me and I’m not being rude or nothing but I used to see Shanzi in my explore feed and wonder why this girl was photoshopping her head on a body until one day I went on her page and realize thats just the size of her head….

  7. Shanzi and that crimson long chin weh r mouth ever look like it can’t shut. She is mad hype and stuck up and behave like she down to earth. Them life mucky like all r big dimple body surgery mumma weh name rose. She gwaan like say fi r daughter shit can make patty. I give shanzi 5 more years fi dimple up like rose. Rose wudda never go open a store fi r self. As a matter of fact I shall drop that beef in a next story. But shanzi low key badmine and all weh a gwaan a shudda did she deh pon tv a air fimi choice. She feel she na get enuff recognition. Morning Metty :kimpoi :travel :travel

    1. Miss cookies go and bathe yuh nasty dirty self. Yuh bed goodly kotch up pon block and air goodly a come thru the holes and spaces inna yuh wall cause a ppl like you have time fi them sumn ya. Leave the bloodclaat girl and har long chin. Har long chin and big head just a kill you so. A wa yuh man want har too mek yuh nuh like har?

      1. A nuh block me bed kotch pon a u Puppa big dutty mouth it kotch pon. Me spread off in a me super king bed wid me cup a mint tea a take in everything in a america. Me Deven ago bother wid u today cause a waste me wudda waste time a reply to smaddy weh me nuh know

  8. All a unu in ya so a talk bout badmind and all sorta shit when clearly a unu badmind and a follow up the ppl dem life. Clearly FANS! Mi naa lie tho unu tek set pon Shanzi till it look bad no sa all wa gwaan it a kill some a unu fi see her do har thing. The two a dem a do them thing and the reality is that ano everybody in life ago be friends so if them ano bloodclaat friends wat is the big f**king problem??? Unu need fi go do something with unu life and stop bloodclaat dig fi find dirt pon the ppl with unu wuklis caylis self. And you girl weh a talk bout why she come pon smile Jamaica or whatever yuh need fi go kill yuhself cause a ppl like you contribute to badmind and chaos inna life. We need less ppl like u pon earth.

  9. mi seh met! shai need fi stop hype up on social media cuz she still a share room she and her mother and sibling and father live in a one bedroom. a datz y di peopl dem ask fi see furniture wah day and she nuh stop hype over her battyman who have community cocky for both team. di fada nuh stop gi the mother bun him barely ever deh home she use to walk and tell everybody a campion sey her father a producer and him on tour lol

  10. Met mi keep on a hear seh sasco a fck shanzi and me really a start to believe the shit !!! Gad know now Greg to????? Really shanzi! ?? Yuck

  11. mi see shai trendii up a uwi I couldn’t believe me eyes never know say a di same person she a one a dem who fi thank god fi make up she ugly bad widout makeup

  12. You know what i can never understand about this page uno cuss people when dem a bum and naah do ntn with them life like aneka and nikki chromaz and dem dancehall girl deh but when people doing something with them life uno tear dem down yall can never be pleased. These two girls are two girls who are enrolled in university and a do dem thing if they werent uno would a hear seh dem young and cayliss so why tear dem down? We are in the age of social media so what if they go on smile jamaica for social media? Dem girl yah social media is a plus for them anuh like a it alone dem a depend on cuz dem a guh skl isnt that the most important thing why people always conveniently leave out the good? What is wrong with that lira galore miracle watts bernice etc get opportunities because a dem social media it is the new day and age stop tearing down people who a do something with them life uno tear down nicole and her sister and yoli when these people are simply just trying to do positive yes dem man dirty but whose man isnt? Who can control what dem man doing? EVERY SINGLE BODY have things in them closet/things about them life that is not how they would want it to be that is out of their control. Uno a talk about them parents one talk bout shai live in one bedroom and shanzi parents seriously? How can they control that

    1. Hello sir or madam. This is a gossip site.. we give Caesar wat is due to him and we also humble bitches over here. U seem well bothered by this page. Like u never read the disclaimer before u open the page. #6 says if u don’t like the page leave and don’t come here come whine and make noise. Some of these bitches behave like dem living good and try to bring down other people or hype pon others. It’s our duty the Metters to find the dirt and expose them. So that everybody dutty life becomes equal.

    2. Mi NAT even badda dun read yuh book enuh a swear. Due to how it stawt off… mi personally Nuh deh yah Fi babysitting when mi chip wet up an mi land pan a post if mi feel like Fi leff a load a shit pan di post a dat mi duh…yea

  13. I’ve never seen Shai in person before but I’ve seen shanzi and I don’t think she is hype I called to. Her and she was very pleasant and she always answer my messages on Snapchat and come on her chin and her head that is all uno can say? y’all petty

  14. @justathought…The 3 girls you name up top Lira, Miracle, Bernice are known for sexing the right Rapper. They are not known for no damn IG…please stop. I think people have issues with the change in their attitudes.

    1. Idc about what they are known for that is not the point im trying to get across i said they have gotten opportunities thru their instagram

      1. Lira and Miracle became known by being top strippers in Houston, that’s how they got put on and Bernice was around and out there long before instagram existed.

  15. Question shanzi and the Blair yute leff?? Cause he’s no longer following her on IG and he deleted all her pics

    1. No i saw them last night at pulse a hold hand and dance cant follow them up cuz them lef every month shanzi even say it on SC dem deh almost 4 years now a di norm


    Don’t let di ones who doing the frenemy for di cameras cloud unnuh!

    As for these 2, both are hype, both full a demself, both are humble, both are sweet! It just depend pon which mode you ketch dem inna! None no more nor less dan di other!

    But props to dem fi a do dem hustling wid di TV thing and di clothes and party dem etc! And bigger props for both being in school and doing a degree, just hope dem nuh mek di lime light sway dem education!

  17. Mi naw lie di one pan di right har head big Nuh bloodclaat an due to how di head big she affi have di nuff hair… All wah gwan a di madda mi feel it fah cause if she a Neva C-section…. Dah hole deh Nuh snap back to it regularly size.

  18. All a who a talk bout shanz nice and whateva, clearly don’t know her. She is a bitch that likes attention and nuh feel good if she nuh ina di spot light! Don’t get me wrong she dresses damn well, but she is fake and pretends like she is this nice person when she a slaughter you behind yo back. None a unu weh deh pan dis a talk bout know the real Shanice Allen.

  19. A true pathetic har father ever deh pon your wid Christopher Martin a Germany… mi nuh know shanzi personally but if she hype she’s good at hiding that shit. From high school days shaii love being center of attention like she cute. Thank god for your shape n makeup

  20. Shai is extremely nice and she well bright. She get 10 subjects and a straight distinction. Beauty and brains. Unu love chat bout har man a fish. Unu feel like she she wudda risk her reputation suh. Bwoy unu dunce and badmind. Until mi see evidence she her man a fish, mi medz unu. Goodie all a study law. Weh unu good fah. Bout she a f**k Greg Christian like ew. Unu must have the girl pum pum records.
    Both girls have them own money and doe even need a man

  21. @11:36 if da politician man deh ever lef shanzi mada di two a dem suffer. Bout have own money. Kmt a di man money Dem a eat out. Shanzi mada do not work. And shanzi promotion money cya do ntn.

    1. Your comment is irrelevant. I said she doe need a man. Point is, she doe need a man fi take care a her because her stepfather does so lowe di girl.
      Just sound hurt and bad mind

  22. That’s not why shanzi and shai don’t talk besides they were friends and the friendship end when she and shuggy kick off them close from morning

  23. Dutty BC suck shamiele n iamskye a unu post it! Nasty delusional skye, bafmind Skye u grudge Shanzi cuz she never wa nuh Fren from Yuh nasty dutty living Skye! Dutty BC shamiele u a carry feelings from u hear rumor say dutty nino n Shanzi Deh, and as I said rumor, cuz mi Fren nuh wa careless nino. Me naaa ask Christ if anuh shamiele n Skye send in this. Nasty nonambitious shamiele don’t make Skye Lil old bruk winter clothes weh u a wear fool u, look like the tightness a d clothes a get to u. Unu walk n beg Fren nuh BC, Shanzi n shaii nuh affi talk,shai is who? From champion days shaii wahh live Inna Shanzi shadow. Every work Shanzi do, shai run go beg promoter are store owner fi put r in pon d works. Shanzi nuh walk n beg a dat a kill d wull a unu, mi Fren Deh pon high demand. Mi Fren a star a dqt a kill u dutty illegal immigrant skye,(snap name skii.b) n suck hood non ambitious shamiele! Skye stop living a lie, u ain’t rich, u rent d car fi show, fi wen shamiele cum cotch, n stop tell ppl u straight, bitch u ain’t straight n u living in somebody’s basement in queens hoe!!GU suck unu Mada, me Fren ambition a go kill unu!!unu caaa get mi Fren out d race!!

  24. Dutty skye a u post this! Anything with shanzi weh reach pon yah a u! See the girl nah worry bout u! U talk say she wear cheap promoting clothes but u sell cheap clothes and wear dem too! A act like u live in a brand! Delusional motherf**ker! Shamiele u wukless bad that’s y Nino lef u all u do a skin out ur pussy Fi wear nish designs dem! Unuh come off a the girl name now man the girl no see unuh! Har mother stay good than nuff a unuh young gal, see her mother hold a man deh unuh do the same and try hold a man dirty living ppl

  25. Tabs @ 11:30 u wicked sah rose does hv a regular 9-5 shanice hv her little accessories business which is doing very well. Shai on the other hand selling contact lens so to each their own they both doing their thing so no comparison or beef should be there. Love to c young ppl venturing into businesses it’s a good look.

  26. @suckyuhmada! U fool nuh f**k! Tf u gonna compare shanzi with shai! Bitch where! Shai stay good nuh blutclat .. Bout live inna shadow!
    Guh suck yuh mada bitch !
    Badmind a kill u!

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