Now seriously Kelly why you don’t leave Rufi alone why yuh send yuh Fren fi comment pon the man n him woman pic why yuh stay so????? Look how long Rufi lef yuh nasty bleach out rass oh wait mi fi get yuh bleaching cream run out!!!!! Yuh n yuh nasty Fren them Eva a talk bout how the boy cyah spell but yet still yuh a mad over him no sah nasty Kellyfabulous get a life and Lowe Rufi n him woman alone a them sey happy life while yuh stuck inna yuh sad life





  1. First of all why is it that every time something gets posted on the net about DIRTY BOOTIE RUFI yall wanna call the girl name out? RUFI has been all over the internet for years it wasn’t him and Kelly’s relationship that busss him so who ever sent this out needs to do there research and stop showin out.
    Second of all no one cares if Neisha who aint been to Jamaica in years wants to meet Rufi online after seeing how manipulating and conniving he has been to women over the years. She still decides to take him up and start clothing him spending her money on him and feeding into his manipulation, girl instead of posting this CRAP what you need to do is have your shoulder ready cause your friend Niesha is sure gonna need one to lean on in min when he does her just like he has done everyone else. Niesha they are always nice when you meet them and I’m sure you know that cause he aint the first Jamaican man you been with lol ragashanti talk about dem man deh all the time dem man deh have dis looking for vulnerable women on the net ting pan lock, it cumin like their personal job weh when dem find the girl dem they have di girl dem head away mek dem feel like they are so in love wid dem have dem ah spend all their money n tings pan dem all ah gi dem visa, green card ah bagga ting… come on now what you need to do is help Rufi find a job how old is he now and aint working. ***well if dis ah work fi him all these years why would he ever have the ambition and want to work**
    For people to be even giving a man like him the time of day is crazy, girls always blame guys for taking advantage of people but mannnnn how can you blame them when chicks like Neisha ah see fire n still ah walk inna it come on now. Stop bringing up Kelly name cause she aint the first one who he has done wrong n she aint gonna be the last one, may girls out there have it out fi dis boy. Also you talking about her bleaching child everyone and there mama bleach so come on now as long as it ah reach.
    God doesn’t like ugly and for sure Rufi gonna get his cause he is something and yall know his history and how he has done women so I’m not sure why you posting this and acting like you brand new bout let them be happy girl Neisha know your worth cause posting pictures doesn’t mean your happy… cause he aint shit and you gonna be crying and having sleepless nights just like everyone else so stop all this talk about unstoppable cause the only thing that last forever is good salvation! You know better your ass should do better. Down in Jamaica fronting like yes I got him now come on man who hasn’t had him he has been on this pink wall so many times from Jamaica to Canada and now back to Jamaica.
    He got a Canadian visa and now hes working hard for his green card!!
    #keepin it 100

      1. yuh nuh haffi move de raga pawt cuz is chuet raga always a call out de man dem weh dem work is tuh sit on fb nd draw in de weak link dem weh want hype man suh dem haffi pay down nd off on it.

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