Met what a way Christopher Martin carry in undocumented BMW and customs and inland revenue seized it rass over the weekend, mi hear around 20 vehicles get suck off, the government a dig up file and have investigators going around writing off license plate numbers checking if di papers straight


  1. Them need fi stop it though, the ordinary man goes to the car mart and has to pay fi the duty and all fi his ride, them want high end vehicle but don’t wanna pay the price fi it. Them too much.

    1. Spy, I thought they were trying to avoid the high fees? As u put it they want nice cars for a Cheeper price.

  2. But why dem only release Chris an Jacure name and not the politician son name who’s car was also seize?

      1. Because his bodyguards, saw a robbery taking place and challenged the gun boys dem (16yr old) One of them the 16yr old was shot and injured and later turned himself in with his attorney.
        I don’t think it was a deliberate attempt to fire at his security detail.

        1. Den nuh ongle Funeral Parlor in a area? So a people whe come look bout de dead dem did a rob di people funeral money??? What a heartlesssjan cro dem . Dem shud kill di whol a dem nasty raas

  3. goo day met,meters,peepers nd others…..

    suh a Kern’n goods dem buy?!?!?!….all jah cure him why wud he luk tuh get tings back door if him jus a cum frm uh much inn years a iron/grill door..

  4. How Christopher Martin him nuff suh??? Like him a some big super star. So him couldnt just go buy a car a 1 car mart, so a wah kind a vehicle dat suh, weh him want weh nuh deh a JA and him affi a import it himself? if is a high end vehicle him nuh could an go ATL guh buy it? Him need fi guh back inna him Church, him just get extra suh from him deh wid Cecile? All Jah cure him, him betta mind dem hold him by him locks an fling him back weh him a come from (prison).

    1. Get your facts right. Chris bought his x5 from a car mart in Kingston and produced all the documents to show that. As reported in The Gleaner and The Observer, Chris and his manager went to a car lot, saw a car and bought it. He had nothing to do with importing the motor vehicle.

      1. Does this mean if I buy a car and dem never import it properly I am responsible? The law no fair then, cause how am I, as a customer to know whether they did it correctly or not?

        1. Good points. But even in the US if you purchase a car, even from a legitimate used car dealer and it turns out to be stolen, the police WILL confiscate the car from you and turn it over to the rightful owner and you are out the price you pay for the car. You will have to seek redress from the dealer you purchase the car from.

          What will happen in Jamaica is they will return the car to the owner when the custom duty is paid, along with penalties. It is up to Chris Martin to go to the Dealer to have him paid the duties/penalties and the car will be returned to him. If the Dealer refuse, then it he might have to seek the services of an Attorney or report the matter to the police. Most Dealers won’t let it get that far, since it will open a whole can of worms for them and they will willingly pay the custom duty and penalties. Sometimes, the low price of the car is a dead give away that something is not right. See link to the Observer article in the next thread.

          1. a tru. Whether is car, house or jewelry dem affi confiscate the goods and do dem investigation fuss. Is either the car mart pay the duties wid d penalty or the artiste dem a guh sue the car mart and get back dem money even though a nuh all a dem buy from carmart.

            Some a unno too badmind and unno dont even own a car or a house. while unno a talk bout the people dem dem a mek dem money. unno fi blame customs and the carmart dem wha undervalue d invoice.

      2. Oh really now????!!!!! WELL A NUH ME WRITE D STORY MI JUST A BLAST IT!!!! The smaddy weh send in d story seh and I quote(pay keen attention to dah part yah right yah so) “Met what a way Christopher martin carry in undocumented BMW and customs and inland revenue seized it rass over the weekend” end quote. A dem seh it fust, not me. So yuh never read dat? What a way yuh run come read d comment dem fust before yuh read d story, a so d comment dem sweet yuh, so yuh couldnt tap fi read d story fust??? A u and Christopher need fi get unuh facts and CAR DOCUMENTS right, and stop worry bout me!!!! Look here nuh Christopher Martin/ Yuh spokes person , cauz unuh sound like one and d same. (mi love yuh songs and yuh voice and mi really nuh want go tit for tat wid yuh) a true mi tell him bout go back a Church mek yuh come a address me??? cauz a true, God still love and accept back slidders too. A dont care if a X5 or a X 10, him buy, obviously unuh never do a tidy job with dis transaction and clean up unuh paper work else him name wouldnt reach ova yah. A Jamaica dis yuh hear sah!!?? so wah nuh go so, nearly go suh. So yuh better galang to d car lot weh him buy him X5 and go tell dem seh wi a call up him name so dem fo come gi a press release and tell d ppl dem seh a him buy him car and it was a legit transaction, and tap mek ppl spread propoganda pan him. A d Church part bun yuh, cauz mi crush jah Cure corn hotter dan fi yuh, and him nuh run come ova yah come comment but u gallop!!!!!!

          1. Here I was going about mi business, not troubling anybody, when dis man drop right under my comment and a post him f**kery, him left from d story a top and scroll past allllllllll d comment weh d other Metter dem post come drap bup under my comment come a talk up to me and a address me, y only God ehh knows. Mi mumma clothes pin!!! Yuh ever see nothing like dis yet???? Well I sorry fi him, cause it look like a Chris & Cecile day, cauz 1 next post dus drap bout dem and although I dont know 1 monkey fu#$ bout dem, a gone go comment, since my comment bun him so much….

          2. ________________________________________________________________ dedments
            chris file need a splash pan di walls because him name is out dere oo …one cocky moving choo di industry and dat is christopher martin

          1. No but it look like him is a setten(setting) fowl or something, and me look lakka 1 egg to him, if him a set d record straight him nuh hold a post fi himself and clear him/Chris name, him come all d way from TIMBUKTOO unnnndddaa myyyy comment a get smart wid mi. well Mr. Boss Man or whatever name is I said it already and I will say it again OOO :maho D time u deh deh a boast bout Chris buy X5 yuh go encourage him fi go drop a dollar in a him church offering plate, I remeber dat likkle bwoy when him win Rising Star and a seh a d Church him grow up in, and use to sing pan choir and a dat help train him voice, and from him win, him not even tun d black a him eye, fi look back pan him church brothers and sister, him not even tek a church sister fi court and wed, him chose a dancehall diva, nuh get mi wrong mi nuh know Chris from nuh weh still, a 1 likkle youth weh mi like him songs but dis man true mi seh bout d church him a come gi mi bill and receipt bout X5 lakka seh I care 1 bird poop what him waant to buy, thief, scam or rob.

        1. lol that’s why mi ask what mi ask- cause I can’t understand how I can be held liable for how the car mart import its vehicles. Possession of stolen goods I could understand, but if I buy the car in good faith how the government must come take it from me?

          1. :ngakak she say a nuh she write di story she jus blast it mi a dead___________________________________why dem go badda har todeh doe :ngakak

          2. Mi say ONE DROP dress n undress dem a wonder if she work fi platinum camp lmaoooooooooooooo she don’t write she just blast hahahahaha woooooooiiiieeeeeeeeeee

          1. An hear him to nuh Metty “As reported in the Gleaner and Observer”, well mi tap read Gleaner & Observer a JMG alone mi read, wid him Mr. Smarty pants self.

          2. __________________________________________________________________ Dem love gwaan like we business wid dem u si

  5. this is the reg for top a top a jamaica usually dem pay of Wong (weh police a watch ya now) fi go take it offa warf fi dem…badman artist politician dem all use him

  6. and some a unno a bash Portia like she have anything fi do wid it. smh. she manage wharf or own carmart? D carmart man dem fi gweh cause dem undervalue d car dem and still a sell dem expensive and all a back the mileage pon d crash car dem wha dem beat out and sell.

    everybody a Jamaica know seh customs corrupt . If u want to ketch d crooks in the system just write down dem licence plate and run it inna d system. u will see seh dem earnings nuh match dem lifestyle but dat nah guh gawn cause a politics involve.

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