D‎ear Met,Metters and Peepers,

If u have a smartphone plz to install the tracking apps that will help u to wipe or locate the phone if it’s stolen. Last week this Chupid yute was in tax office at constant spring and the clerk serving him turn away for a split second.In that split second him snatch the clerk’s cell that was charging. Unfortunately it wasn’t till after the thief gone him miss the phone.
The clerk just go in his app on his laptop and track the location of his phone.Likkle most the teef get away becuase he removed the battery but his last seen area was showing. The clerk went back on his computer of who he served in the past few hours.One click and everything for the Thief come up,his pic,his taxes,address,parents…When the police pick him up the dumb look on his face a wonder how him get ketch. All now him can’t get no bail mi hear!

8 thoughts on “A NEX PETTY TEEF

  1. Met dis off topic, go find out wa gwan wid Nickeisha Sher and marvin de. caz look like big tings a gwan inna d camp..

  2. From MET a style ppl say dem NUFF, dem nuff fe truth, caz look how MET RASS fass n inna everything, move unuh Bloodclaat n gweh

    1. Dont speak for me, I was talking about the people who a cuss pan di page not the person who a tell mi wha a go down. Mi post people business mi never yet ina people business so nuh speak fi mi oo no oo

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