Met! Here’s Marcel Wetdem 2017 victim in the blue dress n fake battam hanging out after Wally British dance!

She deh wid reggae boys baller Watson. Marcel nuh stop like her pics dem on her ig page @alleywatson. from last year dem secretly linking up


  1. Gotta hand it to you wetdem yute..yuh have a decent stable yo.Even though the other one cant go dung low or wine fi save her life, she still can get it!!

    Wet dem up same speed just use up ur boots zeen Marcel!

  2. You bitches are sick tou sit and make up rumors and stalk peoples walls for what? Hobmake some money and stop worrying about others… spread rumor like you seen someone f**king.. what tou mad because you all look like f**king ducks.. GTFOOH..

  3. She private her page wid a swiftness after the secret buss out. They all talk sh!t about JMG but on here 24/7/365/6. Why she hiding now when she wasn’t hiding Saturday night with Mr. Wetdem? If mi never know I would think she and Watson lef the way they were carrying on.

  4. What is wrong with this video again…sounds like someone in their feelings so dem ah try to payback the man…big up Versace shoes rich real rich

  5. Chyna what’s wrong is the video is that she have a man and he has someone in NY but of course it’s someone who doesn’t like Marcel put up the video. All of sudden he took the video down and private her page. Which is crazy because these ppl draw attention to themselves and then when ppl react they wanna hide and be private. Wanna act like stars but don’t like the paparazzi. If they don’t want ppl in their business then they shouldn’t broadcast it on social media. Simple as that. Crissy no one have to stalk Marcel when his life is already out there and everybody know his business. How you know it’s rumor? I mean in the angle of the video she’s dancing on him and was doing something in the trunk of the car he’s driving. So how you so sure. And nooooo I’m not the one that send in the post. I just can’t stand ppl who in denial.

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