Good morning MET & please HMID, I saw the post about Pajama Billionaire and it triggered me. A few years plus now I got scammed by a Forex trader who now goes by @pips2tics formerly known as @phoenixxja aka Forexsavageja. His govt name is Shane McAnuff.

He was in Jamaica teaching classes on Forex and claiming that he could trade your money with a 70% return every 30 days. This man have scammed so many people in Jamaica and is now in Fort Lauderdale doing the same thing. He’s got thousands for me and my friend.

I want to know who else on here he scammed.

3 thoughts on “A NEXT TRIXTA

  1. Finally the name dem can post up good without cross out. Ppl oonu fi stop tief. Worse oonu a tief fi floss and finance hype life sometimes.

  2. Smh i aint saying all these quick money stuff are scams but 99% are ppl need to figure out ways to invest there money them selves instead of trusting others even big name investments firms are questionable gaining large commissions off your money and u trading cash for computer assest and paper that dont have a immediate conversion back to physical welt .. furthermore even the one pajama billionaire owe me some money too dont have much interaction with him in this persona but his gov name before and that makes u really question his current situation because his origin story shaky like leaf in wind ..

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