1. U a get bun right ina ur eyesight n yeah a ur yam stage this n me hope u get over this. Mek d dutty boy gwan

  2. A suh dem dirty an lie..all a cuss u seh nuh tell no lie on him. Me have one ya wah me wah lef, him a coolie and bwoy lie u fret. Him an him dutty family a coolie and drumstick wid dem one a neda. Oh me feget seh a ur story girl lol…all up in me feelings…give him bun

  3. Goodie u no need fi come over yah so come ask we what u must do…the red flags evident ..look how the bright

  4. Its d manipulation for me. Nuh know weh yah go do but him a cheat. Don’t make him mek u feel like u crazy and a make a big deal out of nothing. Dutty dogshit dem

  5. Kmt me no stop no man from having a female friend but convo when???? He should be inna bed cuddling with you not on phone texting. Some a uno female to be blame for how a man treat you cause uno low fem up fi have dem own way…

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