i wasn’t going to say anything but u ppl get on my nerves with the kartel saga. kartel did the crime so its only fair that he does the time. you cant just get up and kill ppl so n expect to walk free, if a music a music n if u a gun man u a rass gun man. what about lizard and him family? what if it was ur father, brother, nephew, man or even you? wouldnt u want justice? is vybz kartel above the law? i guess not!!! everybody saying shit bout everybody deserve a second chance. lizard never deserve a second chance? and i know is not lizard alone but a guess a him alone wi know bout. To all u crazy ppl bout dancehall dead now cause kartel gone a prison, isnt he still making music? further more dancehall was here before kartel, during, and it shall be here after him gone. Now him goodly a say if him did know. Some ppl dont care about other ppl pikney, only for the ones that they have at home.

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  1. if all pickney eh fi deh a school tan up in sun in den uniform pon road a wait fi verdict yuh nuh see sitten wrong… God help dem n dem bearings caws the younger generation gone to d dogs

  2. Kartel if u tink Hell hath come upon u yet u must be in a dream. U nuh see nuttn yet God nuh even start wid u jus yet mi hope seh u nuh sleep till God takes breath from u body n mi hope seh u tink of all the wicked n unneccessary killings u caused over the yrs while u sit in ur cell n di chink dem a nyam u off.

    I do hope they find the remains of lizard dem goodly bury him under d house weh dem bun up watch dem ago find him i really believe they will. None a dem gaza ediat dem nah go understand d sufferin d family went thru until it happen to dem own. Kmt.

  3. Well said. But they will not take heed, they’re set in their ways. Their parents were like that. The children mimics the parents, and now the grandchildren are reacting to that same environment. Sad.

  4. I agree. He’s caused so much havoc in portmore it’s not even a joke. And these ignorant ppl are saying no body not guilty.

    He has committed so much crimes in portmore and felt he was above the law and he can bribe the ppl. I have a lot of friends in portmore that said he cause alot of war in that community. And here are these follow fashion ppl who want to join the band wagon and say he was frame, xyz.

    Didn’t he say satan was his daddy???? I remember when I was in ja, and this 19 year old guy was telling me how kartel ah wear a ring and it was powerful. And I was like wow, these ppl inna jamaica is very impressionable. They really believe kartel have powers.

    He was like a hero to these kids, I don’t know how, because I hear about nuff things he has done and caused, he thought he was untouchable. His ego was very big, not to mention that tattoo






  5. ENTREPRENEUR MET my hat goes off to u did a excellent job on this case and others big up. Justice was serve I was talking to friend who comes, from the same community as lizard she said he commit a lot of crimes when people heard he was dead them rejoices. She knew people he did harm to my opinion mi no sorry fi none a them kartel a murder and so is Iizard seed u plant a it u reap to hell with all them from family friend. Them think them a GOD. GOD sits high, and looks low on all the wrongs each and everyone done!

    1. Genuine thank you, but funny enough none a dem neva stick to that while the trial was going on. Dem only come forward now that the verdict has been reached..The one person I know for sure he shot after was Rhino and he was on gun charges for that because dem a fool nuh know nothing n a run wid gun. Kartel’s main man was Ratty aka Death so tell them come again plz

      1. Chow and Lizard were new recruits das y dem name neva reach ina no song yet but every baddie else name ina song

        1. Met, you know mi hear Lizard sister sey, he was law abiding and never committed a crime until him start mix up wid Kartel and I have no reason not to believe her.

  6. Why do these ppl glorify slackness?No one has shame, young ladies skinning out dem front every chance they get. Everyone wants to be a Don, get money easy…dem no want fi go to school, dem disrespect the teachers……I can go on and on…..

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