0 thoughts on “KARTEL NEWS ON CVM

    1. Yes, when him hear 10-1 and knowing that the jury pool was compromised, him sure sey licky licky Jamaicans accept the money to swing the verdict….Him need to voluntarily hand in him law license because I have yet to see him win anydamnthing.

  1. ………………………………….well mi tell u seh di man bus di case cause him go de fi mek sure seh kartel go prison

  2. All decent & God fearing Jamaicans should feel proud today. It shows that the justice system though flawed can work & that NOBODY is ABOVE the LAW. I am so so proud of the Judge & the Jurors. May God Bless them & keep them & their loved ones safe.

  3. Jamaicans will riot in the streets for Kartel, but won’t riot for better health care and government funding to help the ghetto youths on the streets.

  4. How could I have forgotten to Thank and applaud the prosecution team as well. Bless and keep everyone including the primary witness safe dear Lord.

  5. I tink kartel have somn fi duh wid dat juro soliciting bribe….dem fi fling a nex charge pon him rass #f**kingbright.

  6. That’s what I’m waiting on to be released. How bribed the juror to bribe the foreman? Dig deep and mek all a dem pay. Time for a new Jamaica.

  7. My sister husband is a big Kartel fan! The frigga could not make it to work today smh him and Kartel have the same disorder
    I’m glad justice was served :thumbup

  8. mad house betta mek way fi some new ppl caz a lot a dem soon need a bed lol finson u 1st when it come seh a u try buy out di case .mi fren seh dem need fi mek a movie from all dis mi tell r yes an call it fren killer .mi nuh sorry fi kartel family r him kids dem caz him never sorry fi dem chow hold u head up berdda an lizard sista him an god will watch over u life .

    mi feel happy like mi win lotto :maho :selamat

  9. Anybody ever thought what if it was the nxt way around, what if a did lizard fire a coward shot n even injure kartel how dem woulda wipe out d whole a lizard family! Smh

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