15 thoughts on “A ROBBAS SISTA DIS?

  1. Aint it funny how thief a call out thief….suh robbas must annoy you too cuz she love to announce road too,I can’t with dese phuck’n goons

  2. you and Robert the main ones you flash money and car and shopping bags so what is the difference ??the indictment pictures hang you too home girl …. go look wuk

  3. I didn’t know that females call each other BRUH? I thought Bruh was for dudes? Lwad me live under a rock, Like when these dancehall females call each other Bitches, at first I was like isn’t it insulting to label yourself a Bitch? :ngakak Bruh? smh

  4. My pet peeve is with with dumbass females. This semi-illiterate, professional thieft only pet peeve is the advance technology on antithief buzzers and credit cards !

  5. Met mi swear I am getting really smart or just plain dunce cause mi read sometimes these stories and fill in the GRAMATIC AND THE MISPLAIN WURD in one read. Its after I read the comments I know. LoOL

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