Met this girl tek my man and a her best fren did a tek him first and she f*** him weh she come America and a live wid r mada mate she f*** the girl brother to and just have a baby my baby father she walk and tek man and gwaan like she a good girl run the file for me


5 thoughts on “A SERIES OF TEKKIN

  1. Now them gal here that is putting people pic up. Fi know that is not everyboby dem fi f**k with. Now mak me ask you something where you live because you most a bad gal. A your man a you a him mother. You big pussy dont good that y him leave you. You bad a want give you a something in a you f***g face.

  2. LOL unu story boring unu nah get nuh forward come with facts. Where them receipt at?? Receipts please?

  3. Sender the little pretty girl a mad you. Go look a life a da you fi do. The pretty girl live with her father. Them people here lie you f**k. You need fi go ask god bout her. Me want know you sender. All you want go down. Leave her alone a da me a tell you big pussy gal

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