FOR some patrons, attending a dancehall/reggae show isn’t complete without the smoking of a ganja spliff or two.
And there are those who are intent on supplying that need. That’s where a 41-year-old ganja vendor, who goes by the alias ‘Highest to the Skyest’, comes in.
“Me get lock up nuff time, but that nuh stop me from do it still. Some police will give me a break, but the rest harass me all the time. But me continue because the people dem always want my weed and the profit no bad,” he told the Jamaica Observer.
‘Highest’ said he has been a vendor for the past 18 years and has travelled to stage shows in all 14 parishes to supply his ‘product’. The Observer caught up with the Rastafarian at an annual stage show.
He was tight-lipped when asked how he got past security checks, but said he hopes to see weed free one day.
In keeping with American states Colorado, Washington DC, and Oregon, last year Jamaica announced proposals to relax its marijuana laws. People found in possession of ganja weighing two ounces or less will not be arrested but required to pay a fine.
Former PM PJ Patterson recently weighed in on the weed. He also urged the music fraternity to explore the links between tourism and the entertainment industry to promote indigenous Jamaican brands and talents to a wider audience.
“I have always maintained that ganja is too valuable to go up into smoke… it is our green gold,” Patterson told the audience at the Rebel Salute launch in Kingston last month.
— Simone Morgan


  1. True Latty!!! Here in Colorado it is a legal state!!!! No fines, we go to actual stores to buy the herbs, and everything associated with it!!! Imagine the economical impact this will have on Jamaica, not IF it is legalized, but WHEN its legal.

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