0 thoughts on “DOVEY BEGGIN MAGNUM

  1. Sender you’re a HATER. Dovey is just being thankful for what was given to her. R u mad because u never get the money?

    1. Wah u seh Met, dem all a try scam u yah lord. Tell dem there can only be one you Yeppie, only one you, no knockoff round yere. Teeft up top, hop off a Yeppie not going to wuk. A how dat miss u Mettie oh.

      1. Tinan, is arite..dem know weh dem ah duh LOL!!!..Imitation is Flattery…Anon, mi neva yet know nuhbody fe give out dem bank account numba tuh random people fidem deposit money eena it..if ah Dovey ting dat, then ah she dat, but that is disgraceful and shameful in the eyes of others weh easy fe shame..Met shoulda tell unu seh dis is ah mixup site suh if unu nuh wa people talk bad bout unu, stop gi people ah reason fe talk..btw, dancehall money anuh nuh real money my girl but ya’ll don’t know nutten bout that! :ngakak :ngakak

    1. dovey walk and beg like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawg all the time! no shame tree she have and she loud and embarrassing baad.

  2. dovey you too big and fat fi in a that cmom you look horrible and your friends are not your friends fi make u come out like that o gosh baby you look nasty geezzzzzzzzz

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