11 thoughts on “A WHA A GWAAN OVA DEH SUH

  1. You go to the cops yet? What does you being set up have to do with 99? Andddddd who blood did shed? Talk ya receipts or leggo di lady shirt

  2. Sender move yuh badmind rass and leave the woman alone, a must Lorraine send yuh. The 99 shirt the lady was wearing was made and is being sold by someone else independently. They told her that 50% of the sales would go towards her charity. If u can’t come with proof, gweh!!

    1. So true , I hate dutty bad mind ppl , nuff de. Stink an sour , but a chat donna wah save dem an dem family , sum ghetto ppl u si

  3. I do agree that she can use her platform to encourage others to repent but to accuse her of dealing wickedly without proof is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Secondly, you may not like a lot of things she does but it’s also not your place to judge. Let God do his work with whomever he so chooses and let them do whatever work he’s pleased for them to do. God charges us to love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves and love him with all our hearts for all the commandments hang on those two commandments. A man in christ shouldn’t sound like this. Rethink your stance …

  4. Sound like u beg help ano get it, stop call up Donna name , that is why u full a problem soh , cause uno fix uno raw mouth on er front . Donna dou Good , but most ghetto ppl a beggar an crasses

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