19 thoughts on “MR LOVER MAN **

  1. Look like him karate her fi true …. bwoyy mi wouldn’t waa fuck wid dem man yah ….. donesha is one brave raass gyal that’s all mi know …. from she deh wid don mi nuh put nutn pass she … dem not even mek money and stay low key… dem affi always inna the hype …. God go wid her

  2. Den mi hear bout married man, mi think a woulda somebody decent. But mek mi shut my mouth wid mi likkle bit a $$$

  3. Him look like muscle pig tho, him really look like gin him would a kick her down….how them girl here pumpum get wet fi dem man yah?! Look like a him piss pon har to. Dem stomach strong when money involve bra🙄😏

  4. Another thing… dirty loudboss put up picture on ig bout she unbothered. They always say that when them nasty secret come out

  5. does that dwarf have a serpent tattooed on his left arm…gues no surprize he is fucking his former friend whoring gyal doneisha end a go bad better trust and believe and how dem gyal deh claim to have so much money BUT a pay rent fi business place?

  6. Pinky your story wrong, this is the married she use to live with a jacks hill, she have a new married man from MOBAY now

  7. Dis shouldn’t even be the topic, poor Johnny, the topic is the whole heap a money she take from her so called “bro” . Wait till that story buss. Cause when that well run dry it’s gonna be war

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