0 thoughts on “A WHEY DI???

  1. From tiki tiki to de bloodclot
    Whale wi ah kill everting
    Wah duh some man gosh
    De men inna de glass up inna de men mouth
    Like him want ah chups
    An de tall one nah back ah rass
    An dr brown one inna de wings
    Look like him jealous
    An look pon fe womam in front dem
    Dem nuh si har suh yuh know
    Picture nuh tell lie
    :batabig batty bwoy

  2. It could be that the one in the back is just being nosey and not involved with the love affair between the two in the front.
    I do not want a Jamaican man cos all a dem a pure fish. It use to be a time when black men were regarded (in my eyes anyway) as the stronger race, but now, I feel more secure with a white man. At least when dem gay you know it and dem nah sleep wid man fi likes.

    Was never into dancehall men before and definitely wouldn’t touch one with a selfie stick these days.

  3. De one in black look smitten, nuh body nah pay de poor girl inna she pum pum shats, altar top, and bare skin no mind……LoL

  4. Damn..poor women nuh stan a chance nih matter how cute. It gots to be the food. I never see so many gay people when growing up. Maybe a one boy whey love gal company and you call him sissy. But nuh dem out and proud sitten yah.

  5. Times are already hard for black men with the killing of them by police, black men really have a curese on them because I can’t see it yet so many women out there and another man they want, well if that is the case quit faking the funk and be with a man and leave these women alone and stop have babies all ova the place because nothing change you still a fish… Now these so call men are really putting it out there and why because they can’t get beat like they would if they were in Jamaica here they are free to express themselves because the white gay men make sure that gay people are heard. smdh In a way I’m glad I’m sinlge but mi wonder if this is going on in my neck of the woods california..

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