Met mi seh a yasso nice! Mi get d low dung pon dis likkle gal weh fava sinting weh fi dash weh bout she a recruit gal fi Bolt. Di piece a germs name Shadae aka dae.x.dae pon ig. She a 1 ole dutty lesbian gal from mandeville and come a town a gwaan like she a smaddy. Met all she do a fren Di gal dem weh deh wid Bolt jus fi kotch up unda dem n get likkle dallas fi go a Marsha every week go do hair an buy clothes. Mi get fi undastan seh d fuss gal bring har roun Bolt was MoMo n dem was fren from high skool days.

Maybe unuh kno MoMo she used to wuk pon Contender inna d ring. Di blonde rasta gal wid d puss yeye dem. Every Friday dem used to inna Taboo wid him a party up a storm. Him an MoMo did deh fi a good likkle time then mi hear seh she lef him an now she engaged. Low n behold as she put him dung a miss tuff face Shadae dat all bout d place wid him n she n d gal friendship pop off. Next ting u kno she start fishy round him next gal name Kim. She n Kim used to f** from way back. Kim n Bolt did lef one time but dem still f**k when Bolt ready fi she. Afta a short while she n Kim friendship mash up to. She move on next to Nadine aka missndoll pon ig. Dem all ova him yard inna pool gone a beach almost every Sunday all bout d place.

N dis next one from Mobay name Kirstin mi c put up video from beach bums inna December n guess who deh pon d boat wid dem? Miss Shadae of course. Then inna d night all a dem including Nadine n Kirstin gone a Cabana city reserved wid him an two otha ugly looking gal. Di next delusional sell pu**y one weh name Shaniel she now weh did deh wid GQ a 1 a dem weh Bolt a gi likkle feacha ya now to. N of course Shadae fren har. But wah frighten mi Di most a when mi see say d gal go fren Kasi!!! Wat a bumboclaat gal dem brave. N then d Kasi she so fool. A comment pon Di gal pic how she cute n nuh kno seh Di gal a f**k “har man” An gi him gal pon top a it! If I laugh I shit up yah man. Gal all introduce Kasi to Marsha so dem end up a do hair togedda looooooool!

Dirty no ambition gal Shadae mus stop sell p**y n gwaan like she nice. She n har so called big farrid bestie name Remi weh mi hear seh a Garnet Silk pickney. D man mus a turn inna him grave wid shame n disgust. A long time dem a walk n f**k man togedda. Dem nuh pardon nobody as long as money in Di mix. A Kasi mi feel it fa though cause Di way she big an hype and feel she a mistress Bolt an nuh realize seh when she busy a hype an fight out every Otha gal a right unda har nose Bolt carry dis ya one. Lmfaoooooooooooo! Big up yuself Ugo Boss. U govern yuh ting like a real worl boss!


  1. I love Kasi I really admire her out of all these thots she have class education and ambition not just a nice body and duck sucking skills…she will come out on top I guarantee because she has a very inquisitive mind

      1. Live an direct again eh…but yet dem claim dem doah come ova ya…a wonder how she nah take up fi dae dae…seeing as how she a captain save a ho.

        1. cuz dae dae from Mandeville not uptown.

          she representin for the uptown massive .. though Kasi come from Old Harbour .. maybe they have a uptwon there? 😀

  2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    met your site is on firessss today!!!!!

    if shaniel delusional one more time mi shoot miself i soon come back :tkp

    1. jealous of what ?

      i dont think anybody here wants to live such life where u have to constantly
      recruit females for a man who dont want you in the first place to fck right in front of your eyes then to further on show you how much of a worthless piece a shit you are by cumming all over your face … sounds fantastic.

  3. Met mek mi tell yuh bout Shaniel this gal is delusional she need a mad house for real ! Fi bout 2 months straight the gal nuh stop post all type of naked picture a talk bout she needs a bae and how on valentines day shes home alone while bae travels the world with his whores like somebody jook mi wid a common pin IS DIS GAL SERIOUS? u really feel yuh and usain bolt into a relationship shan? next week she post seh fck niggas .. i guess immabe single forever … thenshe post when u cant stop talking to bae .. what kills me is her last post about 4 days ago where she post a popcorn ring on her finger claiming to be engaged people all a tell her congrats .. shaniel u and u likkle ugly friend dem paris and twiggy too ugly fi usain even try after go sit down girl you the very last digit in any number of woman usain have u a small fry jus come .. all her fren kristen breed fi one likkle bwoy when she 17 even though she really only about 20 now lol she and the bwoy left she guh pick up one scammer bwoy weh trick her and clown her and she even was trying offa chris gayle lmfao unu love money and hype to much ..unu need fi guh look work a just weh day Kristen start go a utech a gwan like she a scholar.. har madda mussi have her under mannaz finally cus all she do a walk and follow back ah ugly whoring twiggy weh tan bad nuh fuk

    1. Everyone in your book is a whore,, yet you use to sell pussy a Jamaica. Why don’t you talk about that instead of watching what other women are doing with theirs. Get a life my girl.

      1. & I STILL RESIDE IN JAMAICA so the term use to doesnt apply to me which means you fadda and yuh gran fadda still a buy mi pussi haha!!! anything else WHORE?

        1. My sources tell me you stopped selling in Jamaica and focusing your efforts on the smaller islands (Sint Maarten,Curaçao, etc.) . I heard you fly out regular…… very regular. 😀

          BTW, I know you. You use to hang out the Bar at the Hylton Hotel in New Kingston…rememeber….trying to pick up men.

    2. yes wicked yuh file a buss out!! damn fool ever a comment bout other ppl with so much anger its a wonder why

  4. :salahkamar :salahkamar :repost: :repost: :siul all the sender one weh a deh wid Bolt, Bolt a have group sex with all of dem, dem a nyam each other while him a jam, each secretly a try fight out each other fi the number one spot, all a dem a freak bisexual a so money man like Bolt roll, is a group ting, dem affi get with the programme, or dem get leff like Lubica, wuk fi di money gal

  5. Usain penis just as fast as him feet del, no man all if PUC did have colour fi him buddy would go down in history as the most multicoloured, butterfly would a swarm it. Is true it seems him love the freaky ones, there was this girl I know who is a lesbo did ah look mi had but mi nuh love gal such, she tell me is had bredda it look like him French diblesbo dem and make dem recruit the gal dem fi him lol, no sah Usain bwoy u are a disgrace betta u did wide up weh shi name think is Ericka di girl him carry gun Beijing and upgrade har, u cocky is public likebu fan page smfh have lil pride man not because u are a man is not everything ur name must call pan.

  6. Loooool mi find all a dem pon ig now. Mi neva have all a d ig name dem when mi a send in d story. See dem ya @kasi.b @moniqueamoii @italyhasmyheart_shan @kimmy_tlee @kirstin_williams @ray.92 Whole a dem a freak. Miss dae.x.dae private har page lmaoooo Unuh go look b4 d rest dem private too

  7. Me na lie the sender sound jealous and hurt lol sound like them did recruit she and she get f**k out hush gal.

  8. The same “Remi” which is Arrayma Garnet Silk daughter a freak to. Regular she and MoMo used to do 3sum with bolt fi money and masicka and konshens f**k it out to. Her daddy must turn in a him grave as u seh! Smh

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