Ms. Met,
Please send a special big up to the big ole paranoid man deh, weh him son par round a di ship yard and him live pon di hill, weh Beenie Man sing seh him have him house. Hi Mr. Big man is how much young gyal, you one want so inna yuh ole days ? All you do is go round and look the likkle young gyal dem fi do yuh dirty deeds, yuh fi stop it and want threesome and oral sex. No class and no respect. Stop it else mi ago rinse yuh name next.

0 thoughts on “A WHICH MAN DIS??? MR BIG MAN

  1. Ship sail… How many men? Big ship sailing on the ocean we Nuh need No promotion. Hey met! Am I right? :thumbup :2thumbup

  2. a bare fake rasta deh bout.. u kno what bun me-mi…dem eva a sing bout black princess.. name me a jamaican so called rastafarian dat married a dawkk skin woman..the ansa is noooooooone

  3. “Push come to shove” “Can’t stop loving you”…back in my fantasy days I wanted a werk offa dat big man but mi did deh pon di destent side suh mi lef it inna fantasy.

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