0 thoughts on “SPICE & BUSTA SONG

  1. F**k busta a something him a come a ja come look. What the f..k him think him da the us weh them can disrespect woman and call them bitch. The time him da a ja a dash out money in a dance him should go and open a school for the kids that can’t afford it.

  2. Wey mi tell you, he was trying to use Kartel to resurrect his career. Okay, so apparently since all Kartel ever did was sing about pussy pon top a buddy, there’s nothing else that can be done that would translate into a hit. Shit gets old after a minute. NEXT!!!

  3. Bitch of all media you so tham right him a look a buss and fe f**k off the mascot gal them Jamaican people don’t have much sence too much pressure they pon them

  4. lah lah lah!!!! mi luv it!!!

    yow spice dun di place wid deh song yah

    busta neva needed though, him lame up di song, spice u should put lil wayne pon it instead, busta dead up di tune.

    1. Spice pussy no so expensive… bout get lil wayne after she no have no money to pay him to be on no song… no make me dead yaaa.. make me go do me work and stop give trubnle yaa

  5. The song it self is good. Spice know how to rap. Somebody is going to make a change off it.

  6. Mad tune trust me spice kill it. Yes jamacians can rap.
    Niki minj head about to start hurt. Busta can spit to. Mad

  7. I think dat because “ROMPING SHOP” was such a big hit fe Spice and Kartel, she a look anadda big hit wid she and him friend ya now. De words dem fe dis new song are also very sexual as well. Smh. What a shame, oh what a shame, dat Kartel come out a de romping shop, and walk right eena de ” RUMPIST SHOP” .

  8. Weak song and nobody can do slackness like kartel. From Busta living off church ave. I never hear him chat like a Jamaican yet. Never care for the rap music but have he ever big up Jamaica yet…I can’t tek him.

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