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Defence attorney Michael Lorne yesterday questioned the prosecution’s main witness in the Vybz Kartel murder trial about a letter which he allegedly wrote in November 2011 and had delivered to Public Defender Earl Witter.

On being asked if he at anytime wrote a letter to the public defender stating, “why I don’t want to come to court is because I see Clive after that”, the witness said he did not write such a letter.

The witness was further asked if he wrote in the letter that “the purpose of this letter is to inform you that the statement taken by the police by me was not willing”.

The witness responded: “I did not write a letter, sir.”

He said nobody from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had ever shown him such a letter.

Lorne suggested to the witness that he had given his aunt the letter to take to the public defender in November 2011, but the witness said the first time he was hearing about the letter was when Kartel’s lawyer, Tom Tavares-Finson, mentioned it in court yesterday.

The Crown, represented by prosecutors Jeremy Taylor and Leighton Morris, is alleging that on August 16, 2011, Kartel and his four co-accused murdered 27-year-old Williams of Waterford, St Catherine, at Kartel’s house at 7 Swallowfield Avenue, Havendale.

It is being alleged that Williams was murdered over two missing guns.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is charged jointly with entertainer Shawn Campbell otherwise called Shawn Storm, Shane Williams, Kahira Jones and Andre St John.

Witness admits error

The witness had testified this week in the Home Circuit Court that Campbell and Kartel had said he should go to Guyana with them on August 18, 2011, because they did not want anyone to question him.

Questioned further by Lorne, who is representing Campbell, the witness said on August 17, 2011, it was Campbell who telephoned him and told him that he was taking him to Guyana.

When he was shown his statement to the police, he admitted it was when he walked down to Campbell’s house that Campbell said he was going to Guyana. He denied the suggestion that he was the one who asked Campbell if he could go to Guyana. It was suggested to the witness that ‘Lizard’ had only gone to the guest house in Havendale but the witness said he, Campbell and Lizard went inside Kartel’s house on August 16, 2011.

Lorne pointed out that a page was missing from the witness’ typed statement and Justice Lennox Campbell has asked the prosecutors to provide the missing page today to the defence lawyers and make attempts to find the original statement.

Taylor explained that the prosecutor who had conduct of the case, had since died and they had searched for the statement but could not find it.

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  1. a met as excited as u were and as guilty as vybz is im never wrong on these boards but i can tell u money run ..hes off the case

      1. Met! me jus a see dah one yah. Weed who a use the word “sah” a use the standard opening of a communication memo/letter? DWRCLNNNN.

        “the purpose of this letter is to inform you…” We have a wicked female hand writing analysis expert and I am certain she can tell if weed write that, if a word docl de conclusion is base on common phrases by the author. lololllll

        A printer will give yu whey to…

  2. The bottom line is this the prosecutors weren’t prepared as the defence team was. #Common sense no money nuh haffi run

    1. Get a life bout defense team weren’t prepared, all the prosecution is trying to do is paint the witness as a liar to discredit his testimony, its not working so far!! Wait till they prove that an airline ticket was purchased for the witness to travel to Guyana.

      1. www. @ I don’t argue with idiots, lol read my paragraph again, then read what you wrote, then read everything sloooowly….who is the prosecutor and who is the defense ? Then when you can answer intelligently let me know

        1. @kk I’ve been called worst than that, but isn’t the defense team representing the DEFENDANT and the prosecution reppin the witness????

          1. Right hun, but you stated that the prosecutors are trying to paint the witness as a liar…which was wrong….it’s actually the defense

  3. In the justice system, there is a thing called Probabilities in a criminal matter. If the state cannot prove a murder trial beyond a reasonable doubt…then there is no case.

    1. kk thanks for pointing out my error, I beg your pardon my brain is not synchronized with fingers. My apologies and thanks for the correction, a good thing anuh mi deh pon de stand to fawt!!!

        1. Just to let u know that I however still disagree with you that the prosecution weren’t ready, yes they were but all the evidence had to be in order and witnesses testimony proof read.

  4. Hol on deh! Nuff more evidence is yet to be presented..
    Save the best shots for last…
    Dem cannot give everything too soon because it can be compromised.
    Haffi know when to use certain cards…
    As I said save the killer punch fi last…!!!

    1. yes because dem want the yute admit to be a gunman so di next evidence nuh mek it inna court…because dem seh dem kill a next yute and di boy know bout it

      1. Real Tavares and his vagabonds might open up a can of worms if they continue with this tactic………frig if the witness mouth “SLIP” and leggo more info than he should.

      2. everybody can see that he is a gunman. That does not stop a person from giving evidence. what they want to prove is that he is not credible. i.e that he is a liar

          1. Exactly, when the feds write up an indictment against drug cartels they don’t use the drug consumers as witness its the very same drug deal they coax into giving evidence and guess what, that doesn’t deter the judge nor jury from believing them, the fact is this dude went somewhere to lose his life and, for only god knows why, he didn’t . But now we know why.

  5. Many of you want to think the prosecutor has a weak case. However, Mr Tavares-Finson is a very influential person. Hence, given the fact that his client has been held for so long should speak volumes about what is going on, Palmer, has made many appeals and he has been turned down. Even if the police are corrupt they are just a small part of what is going on. The flying squad was given information that Palmer was leaving the island and they caught him before he left. Vybz Kartel even if he is released will still be a prisoner.

    1. Real don’t quote, me, but if my memory serves me right in a criminal matter, the accused can be imprisoned for atleast 5years as stated in the constituion

      1. Nobody weh Tavares represent regardless a law neva get hold so long…same with Neita Robinson ..judge over turn every ungranted bail

          1. Really what I am saying. I see people discussing this and saying the police hold on Kartel for nothing for so long. They are absolutely wrong and correct. The police only arrested him. However they do not have the power to hold on to him. Obviously he is held by a greater person. Mr. Finson would have had him bailed a long time ago but he just could not do it. I do not like that the blame is being put on the police when they are servants of the Government.

          2. Kartel only got away with the first murder case because the witness expressed his/her fear of testifying, I distinctly remember the director of public prosecutions stating on NATIONAL TELEVISION that she and her department MET the witness even though Tavares was adamant that it was a “phantom” person. He was lucky in the first case.

    2. I hope so. If he’s released promoters should not book him for shows. Ppl should not buy any of his products and if any business endorse him ppl should not buy their product/service. In other words hit him where it’s gonna hurt the most – his pocket.

  6. The defense has all the evidence the prosecutors have !!! The prosecutor is duty bound to turn over all evidence they have to the defense. So a proper defense will never be caught off guard.

    Both sides know what each others have. So a proper witness should not lie, as he would have been coached on what the prosecutor has.

  7. I think weed mix truth n lie .. I swear .. Story shouldn’t be different any at all! Statement say one thing he got coached & said something else cuz he’s a dummie ..
    But I just want the verdict. I agree that pros were not prepared ! The def is not trying to paint him as a liar they already did prove he’s a liar & a gun man! All missing page from statement these people had 24 months, 730.50 days to do this do you even understand how much time that is to get this case that seems so easy to crack!!!! And them still nah say nothing weed ah talk yes but he’s a terrible witness I swear .. Mi understand if him fraid but d man ah send birthday hail mi confused to pussiclaat

    1. Mek mi tell yu something …do yute traumatized when somebody weh yu know get killed by somebody weh u know …and u know dem from dem a wear tear out batty brief it a go get u head get mix up ……so anybody in yah weh coulda do a better job putting the puzzle together mi commend unu …….but mi a tell yu it is not an easy ting it eat out u conscience and yu get confuse

      1. Any how him repeat the written statement word fi word then it would be a lie in my opinion. If he was coached he would have used the phrase “I DO NOT RECALL”, keyword is RECALL.

    2. The same defense lawyer tried unsuccessfully to prevent his “gunman” son-inlaw from going to prison on a gun related case………..so he himself is also a liar.

    3. I am not a kartel fan and would a love if dem lock him up! but you smart Fashionpassion…if a could ajus see u fi shake u hand to rassss…bout him a send bday like sey court house a circus

  8. Yes but he can’t be SOOOOO TRAUMATIZED if him a send out birthday hail.
    I don’t buy it. To me weed help kill lizard cuz it nuh Mek sense how the witness a testify against something he was involved in. Nuff man deh dere only Vybz run him down .. Listen mi don’t buy him story .. They are all guilty as charged. Weed nuh fi get off either

    1. How can you say weed is involved, not that you’re entitled to an opinion, when the defense is claiming he wasn’t inside the house??? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  9. everybody can sit behind their computer and say anything. being in court is totally different.

    Even a Police could not pick out the person she arrested in court. those who been in court know how intimidating it is.

    Weed is doing remarkably well in his testimony. Excellent so far. only a few mistakes.

    hope he doesn’t let the celebrity status get to his head and start tell tall tales

    1. ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pmrm i haffi shake u hand…
      u mi cyah even memba whey happen last month in detail muchless two years ago..ure correct

      1. di yute social status and education make him a prime candidate fi dem mis handling so mi commend him …..when u inna certain situation wi mek di talk …but all man have dem fear and it is not an easy thing u haffi go a court wid confidence because when u come out deh u feel like A YU A MEK UP STORY ….

        1. yes dats what lawyers do ..das why di bible say woa unto them.. one time belly did se dem interview rape victims ina hospital and mussy two more time fi see if dem story remain the same..no one’s story will remain the same..the climax and the most important parts will remain but the details will not be..

      2. LoL……….Who remember the “I don’t recall saga”? Dem a try dem best fi twist up de yute head, no wonder a pure dunce deh roun kartel.

          1. I cant wait fi kartel and shawn storm tek the stand…………mi she some tings ago talk up when man future flash infront dem yeye!!! Dat deh bleaching ago tun up in court.

  10. Met…..weed never want the blend in with guy or Anna….him say a a idiot move that,then him go bk to the drawing board an check the levels an si say teacher nah pet him.an red seam say Paris fi u an u brand new to..weed say a da gal deh mi want…..if I laugh I pop up….

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