Uno si di ooman wid har big belly stand up out a di courthouse a look in pan di Kartel trial and perhaps hearing nothing! Di police tell dem stand up 200 yards away from the court suh mi know dem nah hear jackfruit and worse not di S^&*……..Tek note a di one foot -_-

***Dem seh police search the home of an attorney either this morning or lastnight but the office was definitely searched yesterday***

The paid informant will be testifying mi nuh sure if a todeh and a tink ah know is who =_=.. Him come from Portmore dat one name start wid J..hey woaa ..Smaddi link mi and tell mi se a nuh one Weed alone dat was dere a go testify against dem …. one more time -_- <---yes man mi haffi a dus dis kaws it sticky... Suh when dem find di ''missing page'' and finish wid Weed todeh di res a evidence whey dem did turn in .......including- video evidence, bbm, whatsapp, texts, recorded phone calls...di digital forensic expert supposed to tek di stand today..then the forensic expert maybe next week fi state what was found at the crime scene. Dere is no intention at dis time.......fi Kartel see road fi di res a him life.......dat is what di bigga heads are saying -_-


      1. I heard something on the news, I think it was a female attorney. but I did not make a connection with the Kartel case as all the attorneys so far are male. Although Kartel had a female attorney in Valerie Neita- Robinson before..

        Anyway time will clear thsi up

  1. Blessed morning jmg…..dis case show up dese defense lawyers as a set a criminals weh bin a use racketeering fi win cases……

    1. @Cc you could not have said it any better, it look like a criminal run Jamaica to rasssssss. The man dem write a letter and mek it look like a de yute write it fi throw off the judge and jury, it naw work so far!!

  2. Good morning met an meters,I want to ask 1question…I want to know if Jamaican justice system,judge,finson take mi fi idiottttttttttt….mi no ave no degree inna nothing.but since stinking kartel send call the man dem and1 missing so till not even body them can find,all a who involve charge and fine dem guilty fi conspiracy and max sentence them bombo..who them think them be inna we nice nice paradise…I think more ppl know what happen….but to how mi pree things that ratbat(kartel) ave a little fan club that isn’t the norm…an you ave to know what u sayin….kartel is nobody fi bring harm to ppl..an it seem to be doing this for a while an like I say with the help of others..can u imagine how much more kartel down there???

  3. a next weed :nerd….”just like yuh have de male nd female sheeba”

    Good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…..

  4. @www.com…..weed make everybody laugh but a finson make me laugh cause mi couldn’t believe a really Jamaica highly paid high power defense lawyer dat lol him couldn’t even pass di legal aid Barr a foreign loll an di nedda one him seem to a ask fi tingz him already know not dere…..dem not use to winning case by argument mi si dat clear…..dem try paint di witness as a lier but none a dem nuh establish what would be his motive….what him stand to gain?

    1. guns that are stolen. .but that would implicate that kartel had illegal guns in the first place. Weed and Lizard thief the guns . Weed blame lizard and a call other people name bout a them thief the gun.

      From everyone account, even Weed own account, he is a gunman. and guns get thief. Weed know how to hide guns or where guns are hidden, by his own account. Weed have a stash a gun well hide now. So if everybody dead or gone a jail, all is left is Weed and his illegal guns.

      1. What I think is that weed and lizard “lock” the guns they however told another person where the guns were kept that person then stole the guns and the mix up start to turn for the worse. In weed’s testimony he said “bandit” took out a gun a showed it to him.

        1. why would you thief guns and hide and then tell another person for that same person to thief the guns .. I mean they are not the brightest, but them not that stupid

  5. Him talking about him use to have illegal gun an knowing where guns did hide sound to me dat him jus a explain how tings was b4 and up to di time of lizard death…. knowing how our culture is, (zero tolerance fi informa) I still don’t see what him have to gain, if kartel win are lose life will neva be di same fi weed in a no garrison a Jamaica….he is gonna always known as di informa who send are try to send kartel to prison….shit mi still a wait fi si who a di fus DJ a guh run guh do song a bun him out smfh

  6. @ 3d….wonder what part u play inna father devil factory(boss)..supervisor or intern.?.the only bird in tree singing is weed….an freedom fi the youths dem that under dirty kartel spell.if lizard was ur brother would u like to c bird kartel..flying free…u need a new artist..god almighty..an the bible…….thou shalt not kill…

    1. Jamaican. Hands down on that…wortless things dem, Some a dem would all nhame kartel lef ova if him spit inna it….me think slavery did done….bout boss.

    1. True True…..is ongly God can redeem dat murderah an ‘im followers. demonic kartel have a hold pon di half idiaat dem suh till all di belly rat ‘ooman and di halfa foot man find demself outa courthouse like dem a part a di legal team. Set a almshouse dem…fire bun unda dem claat

  7. Well the attorney whos house was raided is not a vybz kartel lawyer perse . but the lawyer works for kartel and klansman don tesha miller. the lawyer whos house got raided is that of the public defender that weed hired when he first wanted to inform on kartel . but what weed didnt know was the lawyer works for tesha , and get alot of tesha gunman fren off gun charges . why do you think kartel lawyers no what weed said to the public defender and know all about statements that weed aunty make . weeds first lawyer the public defender rat him out to kartel . because there would be know way kartels lawyer would no what was said between weed and his lawyer becasue it is protected by client attourney privlege . kartels tenticales reach far , and have already perverted this case . kartel and tesha miller was held at the same jail for years . so even if kartel is locked up and under watch , tesha a still make the moves on the road for his fren kartel . allot of gaza sodomite fans bawl for kartel to get bail but the lawyer whos house got raided is one of the reason the judge denie kartels bail request . because kartel woulda use intimidation to scare off all possible witnesses .

    1. Thanks for that info. Met, yu verify? I believe all of it and believe the letter maybe from that female, the filing errors and the rest of obstacles created. All if da boi yah escape prison this case should be the end all for we corrupt judicial system…once and for all.

      It’s time the bar call all of these defense attorneys to the mat and begin to revoke them rights to practice. The bail process should change. Those who commit heinous crimes fi stay lock up till trial prove otherwise. Thank god tesha inna US custody..that faggot!

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