Nuh so so oil dat ina har ackee and salt fish. I know oil must in deh but fi her oil go allll round di plate an she a cuss bout oil. Smh.

0 thoughts on “ACKEE AND OIL ANYONE?

  1. Suh fry fish or chocken dat :bingung

    Cuz dem only use OIL wen frying one of the two enuh, tawk aboutn luv tuh be seen

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Dwl. Yes Simply. Is fry chicken that. It just looks like ackee and salt fish. But u see how she nuff and post 1 million time on FB per day, I doubt she even realize that she put up these 2 posts just an hour apart. Lmao. The food don’t look bad but the oil give me instant heartburn.

  3. MORNING OOOOOOOOO!!! It is verrrrry clear she was referring to herself this is more than a big Jill a oil. Just looking at it mi having heart burns them people ya really love to post hog food. :bingung :bingung

  4. If you don’t drain the food properly then it going to go on the plate and mix wid the oil.

    Andrea goodas (took alot to write that shit) WHICH PART OXTAIL PRODUCE IT OWN OIL? Oxtail fi brown, inna oil, before it cook dung, and if your Oxtail a produce oil then you cook nasty pot because you didn’t trim up the meat…boil oxtail is nasty.

    1. I guess we should assume that she dont clean her oxtails and at least strip some of the fat off, cause when I am cooing oxtail I have to “Brown it up” as what me madda would say and that is mek the oil hot a little and put the oxtail in the pot and mek it brown. Social media soon kill we off. lol.

      1. lol, me see one gal try brown stew chicken inna tablespoon a olive oil!!!!!!! I nearly drop dung to rass :hammer .

        Me gran a 100+ and if coconut oil and big jill oil nu tek har den me good, lolol foreign ways a kill we off slowly but surely.

  5. A can’t stand that big mouth whale why she don’t swim back out in the deep ocean . She too nuff facebook top chef .

  6. see people love be too dramatic. ackeee can’t cook without oil. most jamaican dish need oil. and lost of it ….run down , fry chicken , curry chicken and so on. the key is u either eat and not happy because it taste like shit because it too heathy or you eat in moderation but have a ball when u do. dash in ur well season, well cook jamaican dish now and again and enjoy .simple. …….oh yeah the butter ackee mash out my girl .next time use that in ackee rice and try get the other hard one dem. Can ackee one dem a the pretender ackee stay from it.

  7. Off topic MET I’m wondering if the Woman with flies following her Ass if I’m the only one seeing it I hardly can browse every time I click on the site it just distracting crawny & disturbing I try to remove it but can’t get rid of it wanted to ask u longtime can’t tek fi si it nuh more my stomach can’t even stand the pic much less to read what cause it just saying if there’s away it can be remove Pls

  8. I can’t stand this girl. If she naa talk bout hee over crowded apartment weh she rent fr she 16 and she a brush 40 nuff nuff ya now, or her baby sitting job she doing just as long. She love talk bout people a waste time a farrin she no think is full time she buy a house.
    ps. Stop Hide say U deh wid the wAnna be lawyer. Him no pass no bar exam no where. Why unu must lie fi fb

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