Addressing the spirits of Distraction and Procrastination
Be vigilant and cognizant about all that is going on around you. In the midst of everything you must remain focus on what you have set out to do in this day and do your best to make sure you do your endevour best to achieve your goals and objectives..

A lack of planning is the main ingredient for unfulfilled goals and objectives. The spirits of delay, distraction and procrastination are at work in those that fail to plan. There is a saying that goes like this, “Those that fail to plan are in fact planning to fail”

Do not fall into the same trap that you fell into last year, and that is being seduced into putting things off that you know you should be dealing with now! Scripture says to us, “He that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster” Proverbs 18:9. The word slothful is defined as one that is lazy, sluggish, one that never sees the importance of dealing with stuff immediately, always finding a reason to put things off that should be dealt with Now!

Amazingly, this scripture is providing great insight in that it is clearly revealing that a slothful person will always be associated with or in the company of those that are not just wasters but according to scripture “GREAT” wasters. In other words, rarely would you find a slothful person being conservative or attracting folks that are conservative or that are on the ball about things in their lives. Slothful folks are clearly identified via their careless attitude towards life and are committed to the ideology that, “whatever happens, happens!”. Again, such folks are great wasters of time, opportunity, material, resources etc.

Again, in order for things to change for you this year you must replace the seeds of procrastination, laziness and slothfulness with the seeds of being vigilant, quick in your response, planning and being committed to achieving your goals and objectives by challenging the tempting desires of the spirits of delay, distraction and procrastination.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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