A male who claims he unsuspectingly went to a private gay club in Negril, Westmoreland, where male foreign dancers perform live sex onstage, is expressing shock and outrage, THE WEEKEND STAR understands.

Information reaching our news team is that alleged international gay men form part of a multimillion-dollar business where live sex is performed onstage for the pleasure of those who are invited to the private club or who can pay the alleged fee, beginning at US$170, to get in.

John Clarke, a recent visitor to the club, told THE WEEKEND STAR he was shocked, not at the antics which unfolded at the club, but at what he witnessed happening in Jamaica.

He said: “I am totally shocked! I don’t think I have recovered as yet. I’m aware of the practice because I have been to Montreal, Canada, at the Peel Club and have seen it, and I think that’s where they got the idea, but it is outrageous!”

Cellular phones seized

Clarke said the act was a hit among the ladies.

He said: “I wasn’t told where I was going. I went with two females and they, as well as all the other ladies in attendance, were enjoying the moment.”

Clarke said the night that he attended, a male from Costa Rica and another from Brazil were performing live sex while Spanish women provided waitress duties. Our news team was told that cellular phones were seized and tagged and video tapes and other electronics forbidden.

THE WEEKEND STAR learnt that the invitation-only club does not have a name and that people are paid not to tell anybody about the nightly activities.

“I’m not familiar with the town, but I think it’s on the outskirts,” Clarke said of the club’s exact location. “What happens is that you just drive to a location and persons take your car, then you are transported to the spot.”

He said based on what he uncovered, the club has been in operation for roughly three years.

Head of the Westmoreland police, Deputy Superintendent Carol McKenzie, could not be reached for a comment as repeated calls to his cellular phone went unanswered.

Name changed.


  1. Yuh know mi jus pree di star and a wonder how a man reach a gay club by accident, then end up stay inna di club and then end up guh duh further research pon it til him know suh much. But yuh explanation actually mek sense; him just mek a free full page advertisement inna di star under sykes.

  2. Met u hit the nail right on the head! Usin sykes to promote they’re business but what they forget is how are they going to carry on this “jamaica is the most homophobic place on earth” facade?

  3. Wat a way him well wah go si man a F%$# that him all mek people tek him car and him cell phone just fi him go look pon b-man. Him a gwaan like a di girl dem alone did a enjoy, him good as all ddi go in a di private room go get a ‘lap dance’

  4. Nuh same suh one time mi accidentally stumble up inna porno shop ( hat and shades on mind you), but I was so in shock and couldn’t believe that I made just a filthy mistake and end up inna porno shop dat mi haffe check every porno DVD cova, squeeze every dildo and preview some of the dvd dem…mi still neva believe seh ah porno shop, suh mi tell eeh clerk seh mi wants to purchase couple items fe examine inna the privacy of my bedroom… :soul

  5. Who inna dem right mind a pay $170 US just to get into a club ?? Who inna dem right mind a go watch 2 battybwoy a fuqq dem one anadda ?? Dem mus bun dung dis raas club !!

  6. I would have to agree met ,, they have some up here and believe me you know where you going even if you don’t want to know. You can not drive yourself there and you have to wait for a ride to go back to your car,,,so he had to watch or participate until his ride

  7. Met I went to a couple of them and you could just watch and just mingle,,, but you could also participate with sex with who is there that wants to hook up,, swinging for a better word met,,that person couldn’t be in shock because didnt he say he went in Montreal okkk

  8. How him so unfortunate that anno one time im end up inna gay club but two times (if we are to believe him)? I tink dis bredda ya buck up sumbady im know, dem pree him a do certain tings. Now im ah try use reverse psycology so dem nah rinse out him nastiness a road. An cu him too all a gi him name bout John Clarke. The star shudda post min picture.

  9. Clearly! If he weren’t apart of it he wouldn’t have ended up there. He heard what was going on he went saw like now promoting. Favor cocka fart

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