YES TOO HARSH-Man sentenced for stealing bun, biscuit

I cannot condone stealing but shouldn’t there be some compassion… community service and job training instead of imprisonment? This sentence seems too harsh.


Subject: Man sentenced for stealing bun, biscuit

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Man sentenced for stealing bun, biscuit

“Where you are going, you will be provided with at least two meals per day,” were the words of Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey before sentencing a hungry thief to prison.

Sentenced to 30 days imprisonment on a conviction of simple larceny is Lloyd Jones, who pleaded guilty, with explanation, in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

“Last week Sunday, I had a terrible day. I filled a bucket with water and walked from Waterloo to Eastwood Park Road, looking cars to wash but could not get any,” Jones explained.

He said after his attempt to earn money to feed himself failed, he visited a fast-food restaurant and asked if they could give him something to eat but was told the boss was not there.

He said, as he got hungrier, he entered a supermarket and removed a bun and sandwich biscuit, which he hid in his clothes.

He was stopped and searched as he attempted to leave the establishment and the items recovered.

He was later arrested and charged.
The Jamaica Star, December 20, 2013

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  1. I’ve been observing this judge for a while now, and she makes no friggin sense. If yuh chop off somebody head but dem never dead she verbally chastise yuh and order you into counseling with a suspended sentence, if yuh attempt fi committ a likkle petty crime she give you a capital punishment…. makes no damn sense

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