1. I smell damage control but listen now you only made it worse coz that don’t even sound like a “hack response” it sound weak with no substance.

  2. I nah jump pon no foota bandwagon. No matter what the youth make name for himself…and if him never phuck careless, cum guzzlers like icewata and try to emulate what him think his norm, him would havasfi deal with this humiliation.

    All that bounty killa post only reflect pon bounty killa bitch ass persona. Him. Comin like trump wid social media.

    Big pussc gal you weren’t hacked! The way you hype show YOU have much to lose than foota will :maho. Him can go cut lawn or work construction…a man him name. You women have too much testosterones

    HOW DE APOLOGY TASTE? :berduka

    1. Foota a 10x more bitch dan killa trust that. He deserved every single word he got. While bounty may act bitchy online Foota do it worse online and offline. Im sure him walk from pillow to post with bounty name pan every corner he could and talk how him nah play him music and how others not to. He is that kind of person. Him will chat whole day PP..mouth goes non-stop. Very loud and proud of speaking garbage. News carrier plus trouble mekka..and him cudden si seh ishawna a tek friend and boss cause a so him carry har guh gi har man all di while under career sikes :ngakak

      1. Him flaws written all over him, Met. That’s obvious.

        My point is, that gal fi go SHM because what she wrote a few days ago no have no tek back fi tek back. From me read the post her lies were apparent along with an motive. NOW a hack? :ngakak

        Me still say killa a bitch for that post the other day. A rather men face dem one another :maho

        :ngakak :ngakak

  3. A lie di bloodclaut gal a talk bout hack.. Liad bloodclaut gal KellyAnn you told us you wrote it about Foota Hype so don’t come switch yah now f**king ediot… Yuh get leff inna debt wid u belly Yuh sad like funeral gal.. Go tek out car and apt fi man inna yuh name now di man gone a jail and leff u inna debt.. f**ka u man bloodclaut mascot… Gal stay bad and wah some good clothes bout u a tek out car n apt fi man and charge up how much designer fi man pon yuh credit card and u nuh own no designer.. Big f**k box.. Big claffy KellyAnn.. You are a big mascot.. Bout Hack your page was not Hacked f**king LIAD

  4. How foota married and a walk and a kotch a people yard look like him f**k man under di quiet enuh.. No sah wat a man love likes man…

    1. Him married Florida,mobay,and Portmore mattress Prgirl angel fi papers!!!,him visa soon up, due to how she love marriage and hype,she do it fi free!!! Foota no own dat up cause him know better.

      Him left ishawna cause she f%%k him Friend but Prgirl angel is 10times worse.

      Hello Prgirl angel what happen to sanctity radio marriage?
      Hello foota how is your broke hand?

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