Nikisha can dance and all that but, no mon she need to do better with the outfits and her hair, my god mon and everyday she on the net talking about Queen, and Marvin in party throwing money! Him need to throw some money on her because she need a good hair dresser and some New clothes!!! It don’t look good my girl yuh stay bad!! As bad as dutty sher she always look good!! Girl it’s not a good look!!!!!!!!!

13 thoughts on “AGAIN, A DI GIRL CLOTHES

  1. Mi luv the mix up!! Nicki recycling her own clothes nuh fi bother a soul ….this simple means she own it and can wear it more than once!!!

  2. Yes we know she owns it but you cannot have a man and him clean and you dirty, like how do you feel you have to cut an outfit to wear in a different country it’s not the first nickeisha repeat and cut her clothes. Marvin a kill your hole so it’s only right he takes care of you like the queen you and him both say you are. Gm met and metters.

  3. After how me see seh she not even buy a suit fi har son fi him birthday or ntn! And she a rinse clothes! It only confirm seh a Marvin alone har money a spend pon!

  4. I like how she ripped away the white pants to reveal a batty rider underneath. Does play in the NBA cuz dem known fi the rip away thing.

  5. Who spend them good good money buy clothes only to wear it one time???? Sender go find something constructive to do and leave the girl make she live.

  6. I agree with the sender, being in the public eye and a public figure you represent your brand and image is a part of that brand. She must do better. She stay bad.

  7. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with repeating clothes, it’s just that Nickeisha image as a whole is off. She chooses to be in the public eye so people will look and talk. I preferred the jump suit cut, but other outfits she has worn are hideous, and I’ve never seen her look better than Marvin!!! He always looks 10 steps ahead of her. You can tell he’s selfish because he don’t want his woman to look better than him, if he did he would have done something drastic to her image by now. And I’m not saying that her image is bad coz she’s ugly, because there are plenty of ugly girls that dress so well all of a sudden they become good looking lol. As for her son, where was his big birthday outfit??? It was his bday and Nickeisha was catching flights. Nickeisha is so in love she can’t even see clearly and get her priorities right.

  8. I do not know this woman so I can be objective. She is pretty and shape good and her hair looks fine. Yes, the clothes are a bit tight but no fat is squeezing to get out so she carries it well. A few minor critical points, I hate to see women drink out of bottles, I hate tattoos but with all things considered that’s a fine looking woman there.

  9. This gal a hot mess. You put yourself out there in the public eye you need to come better. You just always look like a force ripe fruit just can’t look ready. You hair is just always a mess and repeat you cloths all u want but it just look tacky how u cut the outfit as a public figure and acting like u all that. I couldn’t be hating cause I don’t know you but on a real enhance and upgrade your appearance my girl

  10. Why women hate other women so much? I don’t get it. So much hate on this she ugly, she doesn’t have any clothes, hair looks bad. Gthoh with that shit, you don’t have anything good to say just be quiet. I don’t see anything wrong with the girl from SN outsiders perspective. She is pretty, slim nice shape, real butt which is rear in dancehall these days. Leave the b alone star.

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