It’s sad to say Shamiele u always a gi people bad name and Gwan like u a di queen a di pack di wol a Unuh Insta famous gal ya suh inna jamaica a FRAUD Unuh Have Insta followers & bruk like dog and Gwan like Unuh Have it all unuh do a grind dung di place fi a Some weave a bare free tings unuh a Live offa a proper investigation dis everybody wah truth well see dem dig up & find it deh da gal ya a FRAUD dats y har pawty flap


  1. This little girl need guidance! Smile mek me see your teeth Shamiele! Unnu love taunt Pinkwall people. See the evidence deh!

  2. Morning Met and Metter!

    The image above looks doctored to me.

    1. Mugshots aren’t taken at that angle.

    2. That ain’t her body.

    3. Where is the link to that Website sender? Why was it not included in the image

    4. Why is the comma by February so far apart like Sky’s bank account when she put 28 , 000. DWL.

    If I laugh in ya todeh day ya

    :ngakak :hoax2

    1. I’ve never yet commented on the whole heap a posts n negative things dem sey bout this chick.
      All I know that at no point as any of all that has been said has proven to be true beyond any doubt for me!!

      Nuff respect PTS…wop wop dem with common sense! ! :alay :sungkem

  3. No sah, this a real slander. Look pan how “06,0217” set though – pan a hill. No sah, this nuh fi publish. :ngakak

    Met yuh too bad…this don’t look good. I dead.

    Sky go learn how fi photoshop. no sah :dp

  4. My goodness unu Lowe the gal … She is young and every one makes mistakes !!!! Sender I know R not perfect either !!! Girl don’t Mek nobody put u down !!! Only God can judge u !!! Learn from ur mistakes hold ur head high and move on… Don’t know u but I think ur beautiful use it to ur advantage … Lowe out the dancehall waste man dem and find a nice decent man and settle down… Trust me they r out there and they will cherish and take care of u and ur future … Most dancehall man only want woman fi use them for many reasons so wise up and move foward …

  5. damn!!! I thought it was a joke. So you leave JAmaica weh u coulda gawn sell front fi guh thief. Sad thing is that is probably her first time.

    Dats y me will never sell drugs cause mi know mi woulda get ketch d first time.

  6. This mugshot looks tainted met…where is the link to the website ? Where is the reason for arrest ? Why does it look so slant ? Whew so many questions…so many answers…

  7. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or to throw a banana at her with her Dr Zaius looking azz. Another narcissistic Instagram THOT caught in the matrix, because she’s too scared to let the world know she’s really a bum bytch with caviar taste but with a tuna bank account. Stop stealing you planet of the apes looking bytch!!!

  8. Unuh bloodclaat fool fool eehh !! I saw this on a next site and it wasnt so cropped, i saw the top a the page, it look like somebody know a police and mek him search fi it and dem take a pic off the computer screen (we know NY police currupted), plus ive seen recent unedited pics of Shamiele and she fat and stay bad nuh rass and it look like nuh money nah run fi pay no make up artist. A suh the gyal naturally look. From she start par wid Sky the girl reputation mash up and Shamile dont do anything fi defend the girl, she nuh dedend nothing !! If this a lie the sue whoever put it up.

    1. If it is on a next website then post it here mek we see then ! And yuh cyaaan quick fi call people fool, cause technology has been advanced…people can doctor pictures…

    2. Post the official website then you boob.

      No mugshot picture take at that angle. It is full frontal. Look how the text look like hill and gully.

      Yuh always come pan here a call people fool and a yuh look the most….

      cho mayne, nah disrespect you.

  9. this look like a word document, mi not even read the comments but something bout this nuh look right. A suh she did hot up fi good tief look like a party she a go? Sender come again.

    This is FAKE FAKE FAKEEEEEE anybody weh have
    Sense can see dat seh it fake !! Weh blue writing ago Ina
    That font? This shit is so fake it’s not even funny !
    And do u think when people get catch they gonna say oh
    I live in Jamaica ???? Lmao yo this is so staged it’s not even
    Funny and from what I also know is Skye and Shamiele both
    Go thief together it wasn’t in LA it was in COOPCITY BRONX! Skye made up that LA shit to tarnish d gal
    Name and put it out seh a bag white she gone to a LA !!!
    From u look at this u know it’s fake as ever mi can’t believe
    Skye u photoshop shamiele mugshot just like how u photoshop
    The bank account ur whole life is a lie and watch how dem aguh mek Tango no give u nooo papers u fava ants to rasss

  11. this is so fake I work in federal so letsorry just say try again one glimpse and I see fake even thou she is a little ig groupie next time try harder with the documents to look more legit

  12. That is Shamielle’s face, that’s how she look with out the bag a makeup, she get fat suh till she all hav rolls a fat pon har side! If unnuh see di back a di dress she wear for her birthday unnuh will understand!

    She put herself out there, suh she jus haffi tek weh she get! Can’t a run down di hype and den a complain!

    We just haffi go look and see if she jump pon a plane by the 7th

  13. But met mi really wah know if it real or fake because I can’t find that picture of shameless no where. Shameless nah mek nobody tek no picture of her a circulate looking like that unless is a close friend or family member photoshop it. and that was the hairstyle she was in up there. Well I heard from good source that she get 10 year visa so lets see if she gonna go up for her trial or run lef the case. Shameless know she have something fi prove so me like she me wait till April and travel and post just to prove a point. Sham know what she did an she know she guilty that’s y she not defending herself. She acting like she unbothered but she can’t fool me

  14. This pic looks very suspicious. The person who created this better be careful. This is called defamation of character. The writing is off key. Mi nah swear fi har still enuh, because anything is possible. I’ve seen mugshots and description and this by far is not a proper report. Whoever is behind this need to seek mental help. Right now Shamiele reputation gone to the dogs, however, if she really want to make something of herself, she need to check her circle of friends, get an education/learn a trade and stay out of the spotlight. This phase of her life won’t last forever. The sad part is at the end of the day these IG attention seekers have nothing to show. Clothes,shoes,bag and make up will always be there. Watch di hype!!!

  15. Thats what im saying its not on noo website! It look like this come straight from the inside, thats why mi seh she fi jus sue everybody who a trouble har since a lie and we a put har to shame. All now she nuh defend herself even if a fi tell lie, she nuh deny it all now she jus a try save face.

  16. The pic look’s like it was screenshot from the mall security video…possible, no? As for all the typo’s that get caught!

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