0 thoughts on “AGE CHECK!!

  1. Dutty Kim u do a tek the man in a dance hall a you come fi clean up dance hall you Five Children a dead fi food n some where to sleep no clothes on them but every night u a party a hyde u is a wick gal u disown u children them n come a America have some young a walk wide a call u mommy Kim u look like a make over man

  2. A lie & act like she fresh bout ya so 😉 joe lots :hammer :cd :travel :bola everybody cocky dat joe lots & Wayne lots STD kings of dancehall !

  3. Bout she name Kim perfection gal you new name is Kim infection me hate gal who a Hyde n them pickney a suffer a yard n a party every night n a keep party gal send go tek care a u five pickney a Jamaica

  4. Kim stop suck pussy in case you didn’t know theres this pic out there you holding tight to a pussy clit instaf**ker

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