0:13-mj-06477-LSS USA v. Williams
Date filed: 10/17/2013
Date of last filing: 10/31/2013

Robert Williams (1)
Office: Ft Lauderdale Filed: 10/17/2013
County: Broward Terminated: Reopened:
Other Court Case: None

Complaint Citation: Offense Level: 4
Defendant Custody Status: Custody This Court
Flag: LSS

Defendant: Robert Williams represented by Robert G. Amsel(Designation Retained)
Phone: 305-858-9550
Fax: 858-7491
Email: [email protected]
Plaintiff: USA represented by Brent Tantillo(Designation Retained)
Phone: (954) 660-5797
Fax: (954) 356-7336
Email: [email protected]


      1. Metty it is tactical…..Rather than waste the courts time, he is not admitting guilt but he is saying yes they have PROBABLE CAUSE to go forth. I hope you get what I’m saying. Good move in sense of if you foresee a plea bargain in your future.

  1. @ Met It could be a number of things but the main reason is probably because he is guilty of more than he is charged for and doesn’t want those charges to effect the evidence that the defense might bring out in the prelimnary hearing. His lawyer told him right the less the sentencing judge hears the better for him

      1. Precisely Metty tactical, his Lawyers know they have probable cause and is advising along those lines. He is not at the penalty phase as yet so the Judge at this time is not necessarily the same that will hand down sentencing….has nothing to do with not wanting the Judge to hear all the evidence.

        1. Yeah but u see those ppl in court that is always typing. That is for the record. Can be retrieved at any time. Don’t matter who was the sitting judge

          1. @Judas your correct the Court Reporter records all and it can be read back at any given moment……Prosecution still would not divulge all of there evidence at this point, they would just show enough to prove they have probable cause to go forth…..

            Believe without a plea they will roll out the red carpet of evidence on that ass during trial.

  2. he is just admitting guilt, and does not want to waste the courts time, this is at hi advantage, as this will be taken into consideration at sentencing,’smart’. weed case,he will probably do 5yrs max

          1. MMMMMMMMNNNNNN HHHHHHHMMMMMMNNNNN :shakehand That is my belief……..I know of an individual that shipped less and was given 7 years so 1000 AND a 20 year investigation, it looks like they lay waited for……
            I’m no Judge so :shutup:

  3. Waive the prelim, go the multiple continuance route and delay the trial. Or, waive the prelim and defense atty & prosecution will at some point approach the bench and utilize the term “defendant was very respectful and did not waste the court’s time, so in light of that we have agreed to blablabla”.. Or he’s being fiscally prudent, or dem glimpse the evidence and witness list and exercising an abundance of caution… Or all of the above

  4. this is how its gonna play out,by his lawyer. YOUR HONOR, my client, Mr. Robert Williams, is a business man and contributed positively to society by way of paying his tax over the years,he is married with kids and is a good father to his children and a proud husband,he took responsibility for the crime he committed, he has always displayed a good character throughout his life, Mr. Williams strayed and unfotunately made the wrong decision,and deeply regrets this situation,therefore we are asking kindly to be lenient with his sentence, so he can return back to society and continue to care for his family and love ones. Thank you ur honor.

  5. He can seek downward departure , I have seen people with murder and drugs sentence to 10 years it truly depends what he has to offer them .

  6. @ met , what am saying though on a realistic point of view, if you google the FEDERAL sentencing guidelines for the U.S. 2012 , Doza offense level 4, not bad,the only thing we dont kno his criminal history to find out which category he falls under,so we would have an idea of the time he is looking at if convicted.but as far as i know he does not have a previous conviction. Now with an offense level of 4 and lets say he has no previous conviction. his guideline time is 0-6yrs and worst case scenairo, @offense level 4 and criminal category 6 , its 6-12yrs and thats unlikely with Doza, a mean paid lawyer well represented, thats y i said most 5yrs.But for FLIPPA case mi cant annalyze dat, the only thing going 4 him is, his case is not FEDERAL.we just have to pray for them caz it sticky bad.

  7. Diaz will get at least 30 years…The Feds have been watching for a long time. Doza will treated as cartel in the business..It’s greed that get him there, he as been doing it for about 20 years now. Him get Fu@&k, also he was mean person.

  8. They have not charged in with 20 years of information so he can not be sentence to that !! A deal will mostly likely be made no contest and he will be sentence to 4-10 years if he has no prior my sister is a broward county prosecutor she won’t even entertain me when I ask her but her co-worker said hypothetical

  9. Metty n Metterz big up uselves..Doza stop talk to his mom (RIP mommsy) for 9 yrs because him leave 4 rentals wid her n she rent dem n nyam d moneyoooo…She did take up a young boy round the road so him think that she use the money to mind the youngling…The way he treated his moms he should get about 20 years for that..She got a stroke and a girl was looking after her and I heard he was’nt the one paying her. One Xmas his brother put together a little bonus for the girl because she took real good care of his moms and the brother told him his intention and asked if he could put something on the bonus..He exclaimed “tell Joan to f**k off and leave me alone…Him MEAAAANNNN until it look bad..He treated his paraplegic brother like a real load of shit..He threw him out of his house and all manners of evil…For that he should get another 15 yrs. His twin brother went to jail and had a topatop vehicle that cost US$25,000. First of all the brother had a good looking dog shit of a chick and he started to sleep with her..can’t really blame him for that but add a next 2 bills years on that.,They had to get a lawyer for the brother and he put up about 15 gran for the lawyer..When the brother came from prison and asked him for his topatop he told him that he sold it and took back his 15 gran..He asked what happen to the other 10 gran and Doza run him like a dog..For that add a next 5 bills years.. He can’t escape this here sentence..a f**k him get f**k…Polonia
    Ps. Nobody don’t even like him..They have nothing good to say about him…Greedy piece of shit.

      1. I said the same thing reading that comment….sweet! But most drug dealers tend to be on the mean side. They will kill you for a dollar, yet blow their money on stupid things just to showoff. No wonder a lot of them lose their lives because of greed. Doza look like he took the Oscar Prize for meanest.

  10. I know dozer personal and he is not mean. I remember back in the days him use to keep treat for Portsmouth people them kids by giving food, toys, books, pencils etc. then keep Dance after, the hungry belly bit them that never have any shoes or cloths on them back them need to remember that he was the one one look out for them. When them don’t have any money to feed there family, is him give them money to feed them. When them broke an they need to reach work him give the money or a bicycle so that them can reach work. The one time him say no to them, them get mad. Please give me a break, the man don’t responsible for everyone. Please know a days think that people are obligated to do things for them. The man gave his own responsibilities just like everybody. Him have his family, this how people are if you do good them talk and if you do bad them still going to talk.
    To me if you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say anything. The man have family members who is seeing all these things and alot of these very hurtful. He is a human just like everybody, a lot if you guys who are talking trash, need to remember that he his the same man that look out for you guys. The man come from a good family and him do a lot of good. negative and hurtful wirds are fir negative people. one thing people forget us that him his well love by his family and his true friends no matter what.
    Dozer my friend don’t worry your self you soon come a road just like others who go in a jail. Don’t hold your head down, hold it up; we love and miss you. We got you for life, for all the negative people, you don’t know no better than been negative. I hope one day you all can speak positive for once. Father dozer don’t worry yourself, you have people out a road love you.

  11. Dozer is a really good kind-hearted person. I hate to see people many of which probably smile in his face and hail him speak about him this way. After knowing him for many years I can confirm that he is a generous person and always does treats and other acts of service for his community. I remember seeing a pile of new shoes at his house almost 50 pair of sneakers like AirForce1 and stuff I asked what was he doing with all those shoes and he said they’re to send to Jamaica to give people. This was around Christmas time. I know they weren’t for him he don’t wear sneakers like that. I’ve also seen him give money to people on several occasions. But what makes people think he’s required to give you half of what he has or even a quarter. If he did he would have nothing for himself or his family. Let’s be reasonable here. Everybody on JMG probably have one or 2 persons from Jamaica who call them regularly begging a change. You try and help when you can but imagine the stress for Dozer with people calling and begging literally day and night. You should be grateful he helped you when he could and understanding that he was not you personal benefactor for all of your financial needs. God never puts more on you than you can bear. Dozer will be ok and on the road soon with the love and support from his family and friends who will always be there for him.

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