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  1. i agree. I want a woman like that but i would share the responsibility with her because its my responsibility too.

  2. Miss, yah hear mi please go unf**k an unbreed fi yuh husband den… Yuh sound like a crazy person, cause mi know damn well seh when unnu did a f**k like young rabbit fi get dem everything muss did good dem time deh.
    Yow, yuh a ooman an das wah ooman do.. dem tek care a dem kids all if di man naaa help :rolleyes: di f**k! Suh wah yuh have dem fah.. society f**k unnu bad bad.. everything wah yuh explain have to do with a mother and yuh responsibilities. Issa betta yuh talk di real prablem.. put on yuh big miss pants and do yuh freaking job.

  3. B4 dem obeah mi fada and tek him whey from mi madda.. a good home mi seh, mi madda do wah she affi do fi we and mi father bring een di money.. when him come home mi madda share out him food geem, just like how she share out har kids dem food.. If him come een late him food cover up inna pirex dish (if a suh it spell) Suh mi nuh know different. A woman have to be a woman.

    1. LattY are you my sister,that’s exactly what happen to my father too and that’s exactly how my mother took care of the children and put my father food in Pyrex dish. It break her heart when he left all now she don’t move on.

  4. @offficial latty that is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Yuh tink we born wid the genes fi wuk like a slave. Is women like yuh mek sum a dem man tan suh. A yuh same one will grow yuh son like dat. A neva read sumpten vex mi suh KMT!!

    See it deh di fada still lef yuh mumma. Bout obeah. Damn fool

    1. Dwl mi sayyyyy. WHich woman wanna I all a that then turn around a pay bills 50/50. Him better try kno which god him a serve.

  5. Lol @ Latty. Sender it is 2018. Now we have choice to be enslaved! Leave di man weh ah beat yuh emotionally bad. Two things can happen…… You either make him see a good thing when it’s gone and fix up him ting…. or you loose a f***ing LOSER! First impression of a man is ‘dem ah idiot’…….. then you allow him to prove that theory wrong! When we allow a idiot to continue the foolery with us as woman then we ah bigga idiot!

  6. She wanted to be super woman, if she was unemployed but a 50hrs work week. Its too late now for her to complain because her husband is already accustom to this lifestyle. You have to train your husband early on to share the duties in the house. When do she get time to relax and pamper herself. Even the sex is a duty…no she will breakdown and fall into depression. She need to also get more damn sleep.

  7. Latty look out for my part of the story coming soon and am coming with text, pics and video to show everyone how much of a liar this girl is and am happy you said she was crazy because I’ve been telling her the same thing#infinity

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