Dem seh this man send him pickney go shop with 50 pounds..police stop the child and seh di father a sell drugs……….from mi born mi neva see nothing like dis but dem handle di police dem good oo


  1. Di breddah seh if a did him him obeah di whole a dem and kill dem…si yah …dah part hab mi rofl…but fi real mi would like fi know di end ah dis yah saga yah!! If a suh and dem lock him up fi nuttn den sue dem baxide..

  2. Bless up Met and di Metterz dem.

    Had to comment on this video as it reminds me why I remain here in JA, despite the problems that we have to deal with, like child murders, police corruption, Muma P, etc. Our problems can’t compare to what happens in Africa or the Middle East or even some parts of Europe.

    My take is, as long as I can make some success a YAARD, mi nah lef. Only visit NA/Euro to shop/conferences/etc. Then straight back home.

    RACISM, is a rather foreign concept to most Jamaicans – we only feel it when we go fly out.

    As long as I got cash and assets here, I can live FIRST CLASS ALL DAY LONG. Up deh so, no matter how much money, you’re just a nigga waiting to be profiled. Proof – ask Chris Rock the comedian.

    Blaze ROME!

  3. At least 2 sides to every story. I will refrain from crying racism until I have more details. Why? Sometimes we as Jamaicans are our own worst enemy. I lived in London for a few years and I can tell you, I watched Jamaican mothers in Brixton push their kids in prams into Bath and Body and steal so much stuff and attack security guards and such. Saw the young men on Coldharbour lane thru to the market pick pockets, sell ‘green’, ‘white’ and ‘brown’…. Gunshots and stabbings were somewhat common as well… The police can be racist, I do agree, but they usually act when they have evidence of wrongdoing… If they went for this fello, it is very likely that they had him under surveillance for quite a while. Racism will always be an issue that must be dealt with, but it is wise for us a people to stay on the right side of the law and hold our heads high and make our nation proud…

  4. Yo Black man nah pick no pocket, Black man a London will sell dem high grade and ting yes cause no company nah employ dem…Eastern europeans are the pick pockets so ZOOMIE can continue kiss dem arse wid that waste talk. After them babylon dem rob all the diamond and gold rape kill and slave we fi get them riches, now dem want preach like dem is righteous… Fire fi dem bombo…

  5. All I can say the cops there are way more polite and patient – “I’m gonna ask u nicely” – than the ones in the US. All them men in a d background whe a chat off dem mouth. Dem woulda bangle dem tuh.

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