karruecheJamaica see you tomorrow at Fiction Fantasy! Birthday celebration for Squeeze! Turn up time!

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  1. mi ago be a groupie fi a minute. (mi wish mi did deh deh lol lol) Squeeze, gwaan tru an do yuh ting. Money a run!!!!

    1. you are not reading between the lines. Chris is a celebrity and she models for him (celebrity model)….lol

  2. Hello hi Ms Met (while I sips my milo tea), so do you think you will be featuring Karoachee on the pink walk on a future Friday in the female Rapper section (even though I am clueless as to what she does for a living)? :nerd You know the section on Fridays where you have the female rappers that sex off the Jamaican men quietly? Yes Ms Met that section.
    Also Ms. Met do you think in the (far) future Karoachee will be one of Sleezy Squeeze side chick, since he prefers models. Please to answer my questions Ms Met and thank you :nerd

  3. Mi nuh really si nuttn wrong a work shi a work…..dem affi spice up di stats as pawt a di promotion, mi naa knock yuh hussle babes every mickle make a muckle lol

  4. What a way status a elevate from tekking certain koki. RiRi have her own career. She no haffi ride dick fi status. Kakafaawt was no D lister till she deh wid Chris..

  5. So stick a pin deh,
    how dem sumting here work?
    Weh she ago do deh? And why should patrons luk forward to it?
    Wat does hosting entails?
    Like, mi nuh understand cuz she no ave no talent and she is not a model, cuz di magazines mi si har in on di internet, mi neva yet buk up inna one newsagent or such di like yet.
    Or a lie squeeze a tell? cuz mi nuh si why me woulda want go si kockroach afta she’s not a celeb? why him tink she is a pull factor?
    mi ave so much rass questions it not funny.

      1. simply mi kinda confused at di moment, cuz why would sumbody in dem right mind, fly dis girl all di way clear international go jamaica?
        fi do what?
        why should i see her on a club flyer and want to attend?
        is she an acrobat? does she breath fire? can she contort?
        like, will there be a point during the night when she does something?
        mi nuh understand di point of diss flyer.
        who are the types of ppl in society who would go to see her at a club?
        does she have fans? especially in jamaica?
        is she a pull factor in american clubs, so shortman feels it would work in jamaica?
        mi still have a bag a questions :bingung

  6. Funny part everybody have supn negative to say….n I bet alot of ppl will b going just to c her….even if its to chat negative things…nuff ppl planning to go…..I hope she try get two college degree from Chris, so when she eventually leaves, she can find a real career……I Dnt know y u guys being so negative towards her, when u same one take the same disrespect from broke pocket, nobody men…..go through karruche

  7. It’s the in thing. Many clubs book Kockroach and Fifty cent babymama especially in Europe. Don’t have a damn clue wey dem duh ina di club cos dem boring like.

  8. ” celebrity MODEL ” . The model part is what PAIN me.
    What are your academic achievements and social good will to d world…bitch ?
    I never understand HOW women feel accomplished saying they are “models!” .
    What exactly is them qualification ?
    Posing fi camera and have man imagining yuh pum pum for money and wet dreams. That is what.
    And what is sad is that THEY are winning because the men are JUST as superficial because they fall for them. Maintain them. Marry them.
    When beauty fades they just top up d silicone and d surgery.
    D sad part is this dance go sell off. Cuz people go take dem juice bag money and pickni school fees to go see d idiot

  9. In fairness to Kareuche- coochi i heard her step father was Black Jamaican. So her “roots” dey ah yard.

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