1. oooooooooo–phuck’n–puh–lezz
    bytch ass,pusc ass nig a u de b a tawk.. de wurl knowz it nd you knowz cuz yah part a de wurl hawk tuh.. gweh man de two need fi guh deh back nd done unno fit each adda de song a beat yuh bad de gal seh tap WATCH OUT HAR PUSC :ngakak

  2. him can chat eh nuh man.. lol who nuh know say a u help Ishawna foota you fi look you size, you did really think dem gal deh weh only use dem front and swear dem a the prettest thing God ever made was gwaan stay with you when u money run out? she say in a the son say when she hear you name her skin crawl.. har tumuck trang! me feel like a longtime her skin a crawl :ngakak

  3. The song is ketchy yes. Her voice cracks at certain point. She can do with some voice training. But me NAH rate no gyal who love f**k and TELL. Ishawna is one BIG bleach out ungreatful hoodrat !
    Yuh neva know Foota did ah snore when he lay down top yuh wit he big strong man self and breed yuh ?
    What he said was right. He MADE u who u are.
    Mi nuh side wit Foota. He was probably a cheater. But woman not fi USE man for their OWN self gain. Fame . Or monetary advancement.
    This is WHY man end up not rating we. And d real good ones get dissed. And assholes like Chris Brown can sing
    ” these HOE$ aint loyal!”
    Shit-wata..i mean ISHwana Stop DISS a man who u were with for years.
    Two of unno lef, it is NOT d public’s business.
    Women should have CLASS and walk away quietly. Now if he did brutalize or assault you, is a different story. Police agency dey fi dat. Not song.

  4. Simplicity, please!!!!
    D only thing getting BEAT UP BAD is Ishwana wata down stretch out pu$$y !
    What is she gaining by singing this and she nuh even BUSS pon an international chart?
    When a woman have kids fi d man, it sticky pon dem.
    Her SON may hear dat song. It not a good look.
    Foota probably hurts yes, but mi LOVE how he went on straight into describing d RIDDIM of his new project . Apparently it more important now than Ishawna’s crutches.
    Then again some bwoy NUH MISS D WATER till d well run dry ! Oh !

  5. den a so everytime these jamaican ‘celebrity’ couple pull up dem haffi mek big public statement and excessive amounts a media attention. den likkle more a she an him dat…good again

    1. I dont think there is no going back but mi nuh agree wid ishawna a do no diss song fi diss har baby father…it nuh right and di one foota swear di world a gwaan fi him :ngakak

  6. Bwoy mi feel sorry fi foota di way shi deal wid him, if she tink him big an crusty an him make her skin crawl weh shi did a do wid him fi so long? dat mean shi did deh wid him fi ulterior motives, foota try every ting fi make shi buss some Breeda wheel-up weh him gi har wack song dem is like him a force har dung ppl throat an dis a di tnks him get?

  7. Met I agree wid u I always get confuse when a girl dis dem baby fadda cause dem f**k and dem was together so y u diss now when you guys elf…although I can’t stand. Foota cause him feel himself too much but ishaawna he was your slice bread at one point so a diss song nuh necessary babes

  8. U know sey when it comes to people love life, I hate to say anything because I dont think i can be objective. I say this because we dont really knows what goes on behind closed doors. Dem no affi a chat out dem bizniz inna public doh

  9. Whoring Ishawna ah demonstrate sey she nah have no class. Yes I agree the man big, black and ugly – but you did ah tek him inna the most personal of way. When him a skinn you out you never feel like sey it nah right and ask yourself where are your puxxy principles ??????

  10. She is low down for even making a dis song bout her baby father, that’s stupid and makes no sense at all, what was the gain to it, some type of hype because from what I’m reading her music is not really all that. You have been with this man for years from what i’ve read and have children by this man he wasn’t too ugly and nasty and ray ray like you say. You still laid down with this man was in the same space with this man and now that you and him lef you have so much to say bout him and he is not even entertaing your nonsense the man has moved on long time and trying to do his thing, why not do that too. Just a waste of time…

  11. who tell u she a fi him pickney…………….dah gal deh can kill ..shi deh wid him so long an all a suck him kocky an r skin neva crawl das y shi cudden buss an d best an d ongle gud song isawna will eva do inna r life is the song wid she an specialist…………..mi really hurt cuz mi tink shi was smaddy shi trick mi badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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