Met hide mi ID what a way Martina a 1 silent w*** and a big man mascot so me a wonder if she did really think say Zum would really want har after she spend up har money go do over breast and har nose zum still not giving har no ratings after har best friend a England use to f**k zum and she use to rob har out she vomit and nyam it back and start f** zum and him woman get pregnant so it a stress har out the same way she use to f** rich and famous chris weh live a England the same way she use to f** the man weh own glitzy hair store the same way she use the f*** the baller boy damion from standpipe and secretly a f*** Ripton fi get house she need to start pay har workers and mind the business that pays her because she caan keep no workers in a har shop a years now she nuh like pay and treat workers bad but treat the dutty man dem good gal fi stop it now man.


  1. Unu can mek oda Oman pussy bada unu eeeh.. Stop count Di gyal bloodclaaat fuck dem. Yu sadamite rawse.

    1. That me a say. God give every woman a pussy me no understand why other woman pussy bother them. Mek the woman fuck out her ole u no see life a done

  2. She likes to fuck it seems the man weh stuck wid him oman ina a quarantine who can’t fuck would like a little fuck offa her now lol

  3. This sound like one bad mind worker that got laid off or weh man waste them time and nothing to show. “Mind the business that pays you”

    1. How it can it be proven is somebody she that got laid off. Wasn’t it word on the street that Martina change nail technicians ever so often. So if this is true who can fingers point to?
      Martina works hard yes but to date Zum that is a low blow I thought she was a different from the rest.
      Who is the man who owns the Glitz & Glam and who is Ripton? We already know how Chris from England and which best friend did deh a England ?

  4. move unno bloodclaat !!! The girl work har money but because unno no live no weh, unnu a try style the girl because she no want no friend . Martina a one hard working gyal, bout fuck Ripton, the gyal buy har house with har MORTGAGE…can yu qualify for that…. From this post we realise you unhappy, paying rent and can you even qualify for a mortgage!!

  5. Sender you better go fuck fi one house to because age a catch up you; yes YOU, we know is YOU send it in!! Ripton mi woulda give you one to cause rent high

  6. She same one send it, because she living the life you wanted. The amount a time you start over and you still cant catch up!! the girl a live u dream life!! you heart is dirty, you is a wicked gyal fi do this. if you mining the business that mine you then you would have been just as progressive

  7. When you sending in people, send in the good things them too, weh the sumfest story dem. That a small amount a bad for the good she has done!!!

  8. Den a Ripton she a fuck now. Big & ugly Ripton. Eewwww.
    Martina yuh always changing workers for true is what mama. Dem did buss it over here a good while say yuh fucking Zum but nobody didn’t believe you. Martina yuh mek big head Chris rich & famous fuck yuh. Say it ain’t so mama. You very sneaking for true and act like yuh shit don’t stink.

  9. Nobody know the girl business, stay from people them smile and laugh with you everyday and wish you the worst. That’s why them stagnant so. When you a send in people weh mek sense talk the good things too, try learn a thing or two from the girl and change you life.

  10. Dirty Martina u is a wicked gal because Zum was your friend man all you do is walk and fuck, Zum would never wife you. Him just get a young baby February and is bonding with her go kill yourself bitch

    1. How it guh, how it really guh…,I’m here for the tea? A which friend that from England?
      Martina & friends uno stop bash the sender/s we the public want to know the real tea ok. Martina yuh stepped on someone corn?
      Martina is private but did she do someone wrong mek them airing out her dirty laundry?

  11. I was expecting more from this article since it stated that Zum want every woman… Why is that even a bother tho. The things we put focus on is beyond me.. Oh well move along to the next

    1. Some hurt and angry ex employee or a bitter bitch sent this in. YOU should take a page from Martina’s book. Har pussy get her house wey ur pussy get you?! Doe bite the hand wey feed yuh!! Or use to feed yuh in this case

      1. This have the ex-worker that was working for Martina that starts to model clothes now written all over it.

  12. A bare treesome the gal dem a England gi Zum fi hold him, nothing more than the friend use to carry Martina as a third wheel and now she swipe Zum and the friend Inna har feelings, Zum bonding with his new baby that mean him care zero bout any a unnu right now but continue kill up unnu self over a man that none a unnu will Eva own! Zum a real fucking g, bitch yuh can get the car, money lifestyle but you can’t have Me! A bay

  13. Sender stop watch the man n go watch ur man if u have any. Gal like u no man want because u too ras mix up. A Uno a fling Uno nasty self pon dirty low life men like zum day f uno out n run uno, now Uno mad because the man fuk uno n run Uno n uno friends.

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