HMID Pinky, talk truth why likkle miss feel sey is she alone can help people? She put up video because 1keishacoutour post a video with her bagging groceries out for the poor. Likkle need fi stop and thank god sey her dead husband left all that blood money fi har lavish lifestyle. And the stay bad one Brady who nuh stop bounce around from house to house she nuh have no room fi chat bout nobody, because her ex mother in law put her out in December. She deh a every dance and a kotch. Likkle bad minded because Keisha neva call her and seh come lets do it together, the only FOLLOWER SHE HAVE IS BRADY. Please post for me Pinky. Thanks–

38 thoughts on “KEISHA COUTURE vs LIKKLE MISS?

  1. Why people can’t just do things and just bill?!? Why every raaas thing haffi post these days man? Before social media, there were grass roots campaigns..that didn’t even get recognition as they should because why? Www neva exist ..but nevertheless, they were IMPACTFUL.. y unu cya jus be silent and impactful man?!!?

  2. Sender: Do you help the needy or are you sitting behind your computer keyboad and talk rubbish??? Leave Brady and Likkle Miss name out your mouth and go scrub your teeth.

    1. And because a you vampire friend or family sender a problem to you. Fuck off and go wash yu ass

  3. Likkle Miss has been helping people long time and I never see her put up anything except when Ms.Donna big her up.

  4. Arrrr sender what exactly is ur problem, because I’m sure Likkle Ms don’t rate ur comments or acknowledge u seh anyting, likkle Ms bin doing this charity work long Time b4 now, now people a tek it mek style but let’s see wen isolation an care packge Dunn, likkle Ms will still be going, so jus tek a seat sender sn humble u miserable self

  5. and unuh know Brady just know Likkle Miss wah day..I always thought they were friends from longtime..but it since she get deport less than 5 years ago…She should ask Likkle Miss what became of the last woman that was her butt kisser/cheerleader her name was SEN SEN

    SAMETHING WILL likely reach Brady when she eventually slip up

  6. Keisha and Likkle miss rep 2 enemy turfs..Kiesha a help jlp southside while Likkle Miss a help pnp Tel Aviv I dont see why U think they r competing 2 different communities they come from

  7. Kiesha a look promo for her business. This girl don’t fool me me, she’s been robbing people she does business with for years, (I don’t know if she stop now) but you doing charity work?? Puleeeeze. Ole bun up bleachout shape bad botch body Kiesha. Is one of her workers send this in to get back at Likkle cause she can barely write . You and Likkle not bench and batty again? Likkle did fix you up with Balley and you dis the program fi Shawn. Gal go pay back all the people you rob to reach where you reach. You is a snake and a evil. Who feels it knows it!

    1. :ngakak :ngakak. The Ironic nerve you have a talk bout thief and robbery! As if a no thieving blood and cocaine money mek up likkle miss. How much dead name belongs to likkle miss inherited money? Lolol

      1. I don’t rate Likkle either, she nuh easy at all same way. Not because she does charity work but I never had any business dealing with her. The topic was Kiesha and my comment was on my dealings with her.

      2. Me was just about to write the same thing. Thanks for doing so. Because nobody nuh thief like Likkle dead husband & blood money whe deh pon her hands. If ugly keish rob according to them den where Likkle get her gains from. Likkle torment like in her big house. House big but she unhappy like. A run back PooPoo

      3. Ya’ll disliking the comment because who don’t know It’s FACTS don’t born yet.

        Likkle miss sister-in-law and evil willie sister a de FIRST and only known Jamaican to get a Columbian necktie all because a the money you over here trying to JUSTIFY as if it earned through honest work. She have fi do likkle good fi keep de karma at bay. Her hands dem bloody too.

      4. Willie sister was murdered by her man over some sex tape she secretly recorded with him not Colombian Necktie or colombians that was one of many lies told and Colombians didnt kill Willie


      what kinda Money Likkle Miss had before Willy ? unuh stop believe that lie..the 1st time Likkle see REAL MONEY ever see is when Willie Rob the money from Steve Roses and Debbie and get MILLIONS OF US $..

      yes Both Willie and Likkle were hard working hustlers who never broke or hungry ,,but them never rich or have money like that before that Robbery ..

      1. And Willie was a damn do boy….remember de big man a Lincoln Rd and flatbush? Wid all Fathead dem?

    2. From Bucket to Turn table.and beyond that hoe was a hanger on. Iron Back and the rest a oman dem were ballers. Likkle miss was just a troubling making whore.

      1. how she and Willie meant?

        she should write a book telling her story before she dead and them mek up all sorta foolishness like them do with her husband on YOUTUBE/WIKIPEDIA

    3. Tru likkle mek nuff money ah LA with Mexican she was smart tek her money and invested in real estate.. She been had money b4 willy.. Facts

      1. if she had money b4 Willy why she stayed with him ? he had a murder hit on his head meaning she coulda dead about 10 pregnant women say him a them baby daddy during their the 15 kids she come see Willie with ..not to mention his hot head mad violent ways

        that is a fake exaggerated story about having big money before Willie

      2. there isa different between having a small food and having real money..her sister Black Beauty and Raymond back in d day had a small food but were never real rich and u can see them now

  8. What a sad story. They both doing good and someone send it in to make problems. Uno no see how the world a run and this is all uno can do. Pink wall shouldn’t even post this. Who ever send this in miserable bad. And then uno always bring Brady in it. This look like uno have a problem and want to start problems. SHINE Likkle Miss Brady and Keisha. Boring ass people

  9. Well well sender look like you want to tell Brady something and use pink wall. Me weak. Because you state how she no live no where. Brady let me tell you something if you don’t live anywhere and going through all theses things and can get up everyday and help out people and give out care bags and smile. You are a strong woman. That shows you not thinking about yourself. Don’t worry Brady they hating because likkle miss love you. Likkle keep doing you. And Keisha keep helping and don’t let them start any problems between you all. Sender you are sad

  10. I honestly don’t see the purpose of helping the homeless or feeding the hunger, if you need your brand printed on a bag to put the items in that’s more like promoting your brand not helping/feeding. Also why are you promoting a your brand to the poor? If they can’t buy food or etc.. how would that promotion help them. Everything these days are for attention

    1. She wants to make sure as soon as them get them little dividends they come and support her, she ain’t slick. She nuh give wey prayers. A mostly poor people shop at wholesale to sell back or buy for themselves so she know exactly what she doing, only think she do a buy man gifts fi mine.

    2. A lot of companies engage in charitable work to promote their brand; as immoral as it may seem to some, it is something that has become the norm. The underprivileged benefit through goods or money, and the company benefit by their act increasing their attractiveness to consumers.

  11. For the ppl who reading this thread who knew Willie Hoggarth..Was he conscious of his Good Looks did he flaunt it or was he too much of a badman to be a pretty boy ?

  12. Keisha and likkle are friends I don’t see no competition just real women supporting and inspiring each other, little set up Keisha pon Balley? Some a unnu just don’t know wah fi talk ! Betta unnu go look a hustle like Keisha and little and stop hate!

  13. An if dunce was a person. Sometimes dem hot gal yah need to use some of them money go Jamal. Bet she can’t read..

  14. Mi late but how Keisha Couture a do dis this and she owe me! me want me money dutty bleach out face gal! You man no want you

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