21 thoughts on “AH KITTY DIS?

    1. All lies! Lies upon lies ….piggy kitty shoulda buy up one fake nose an get teet reduction….ain’t nothing natural bout datlady up top you hear me

  1. I can confirm its her lol, she was at pricesmart Tuesday night she and yanique (not together). found it a bit awkward :bingung although pricesmart is for everyone.

  2. Wrappy memba when u spreadout a grung close ur legs,me a man so me can spread right dwl!!!mi know u always a warn me bout the spellcheck police dem ova ya mek u run go mek a Lil correction deh oo!!

    Mi nah look pon that Lady who resembles a long time “Mother ooman”,probably still practices too and have up her cream soda kmt.

    The Admin bad bad fi true Simplicity but she nah draw me out,tempting..but nooo :cool :dp :takut :maho

    1. Now yuh know me deh ah grung pan da one deh! LMFAO “long time “Mother Ooman” ah beat mi right into dust :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Mi sey needleeye dem too damn disgusting morewhile but ask anybody from the 80s n 90s.Cream soda was the most delicious drink next to sorrel in Jamaica’s history! Damn mother women dem make d&g stop mek it sake a di bad name n bad usage dem tek it for.

      Nowhere in Jamaica u can’t get any good cream soda so me ignorant fi Madda ooman n mi ignorant fi Ms.Piggy.Now here she is in all her combo glory combining the 2 things/ppl mi can’t stand! Oh Lawwwwwwdddddddd!

  3. Y’all is something else kitty and yanique nah watch unnu ….Saran that shit is a wrap tru unnu tek offense about yanique unnu post up kitty … You go to hard … You a harder for real as them seh kitty name you and yardarm start the bullshit bout miss piggy …. Chill my yute … Whether ya team kitty or not both she and yanique still a Mek them money .. Hop off

    1. It’s a blog. They are in the media. They are fair game…and equally irritating to me…one just looks better in the face….to me atleast.

  4. Not a ting nuh wrong wid how she luk. Nuff a dem gal yah weh clam dem hot and pretty, nuh luk 10% as good as miss kitty wid out di mud pon dem face and di bleaching cream.

    She is obviously having a off day, probably on har way to di hairdresser. Ms Kitty is a strong confident woman who has her weaknesses like the rest of us.

    She does not feel the need to live in make-up 24 hours a day like most of these girls claiming dem hot. She is obviously comfortable in har natural skin dats why she tek di fan pic. Sum gal wouda neva do dat cuz dem very insecure and lack self esteem and confidence.

    Unoo fi low di oman nose, a god mek it, it suit har face. Ano every body coulda born wid likkle nose.

    Gwaan through kitty

  5. Boy kitty it sticky doh tek no pic from dat angle again ever…an doh do natural it nuh fit yuh….awwww boy

  6. One thing I can truly say is dis: Miss Kitty have up some bashment girgle deh!!!! When Kitty deh pon tv, not a bump….everything smooth and flat! Go chue Kitty, you nuh look worse dan nobody still…..

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